5 Signs Somebody Needs Help

It’s not always easy to tell when someone you care about is struggling with chronic drug abuse or drug addiction and needs drug rehab. Maybe you don’t see them often enough to know what else is going on in their lives that could be a potential cause for the changes you’re noticing. Maybe they’ve been going through a tough time and you believe that could in part explain their behaviors. Certainly you don’t want to believe that drug use is the cause, and it’s unlikely that the person in question is being forthcoming about the issue.

The following are all signs of drug use, but even if someone is experiencing all of these issues, it is not a guarantee that substances are a part of the equation. Extreme duress, grief, undue and ongoing stress, or a serious mental health disorder could also be the cause. If you see signs of drug use (e.g., a large amount of empty alcohol bottles, drug paraphernalia, or drugs) and you notice the following issues and they persist for weeks or months, then it is likely that substance abuse is part of the problem. Drug rehab can help.


Drug use alters every part of a person’s life. It is very difficult for them to isolate the consequences of chronic use of any substance. Consider how the person is different now as compared to before you believe drug use or abuse began. What changes are you noticing?

  • Personality changes. The person will likely have negative personality changes due to ongoing drug abuse. He may be more moody or experience significant mood swings – one day jubilant and social and the next day sullen and brooding. He may be dishonest about whether or not he is high, how much he’s had to drink, or his role in uncomfortable or harmful situations. He may be untrustworthy and unsupportive, no longer prioritizing the needs of others over his own in any situation, no matter how insignificant.
  • Relationship problems. It’s not easy to have happy healthy relationships when one or both people are continually abusing drugs and alcohol. Dishonesty, self-centered behaviors, irritability, mood swings, and more can contribute to the breakdown of relationships with others, especially those who are drug-free – friends, spouses or romantic partners, children, extended family members, and coworkers.

Are you concerned that someone you care about is in need of drug addiction treatment? Contact us today at the phone number listed above to connect with the drug rehab program that can help them heal.

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