How Much Does Anger Management Cost?

Anger management, or the treatment of angry outbursts or issues of temper, is something that is becoming much more common today, as more and more people successfully seek out treatment to learn how to control their anger. Thanks to the existence of many different types of anger management treatment programs and options, a person has a number of choices when it comes to learning to cope with deep rooted anger problems.1

Many factors may deter people from seeking treatment for their anger. They may feel embarrassed, knowing they have a problem. They may be too angry to pursue help, too. But for many, the fear of the cost of treatment can keep people away from receiving help. However, affordable programs do exist, and help is available to find them.

Treatment Options and Their Costs

When it comes to anger management treatment, therapists may use a number of different methods to help patients heal. Many therapists will recommend a combination of therapies for their patients as well. Below is a list of common interventions and their associated costs:

    • One-on-One Anger Management Therapy

Mental health counseling through therapy is generally considered to be the best treatment option for anger management issues. Through private sessions, the patient can expect to pay a therapist hourly, usually around $80 to $150 per session depending on your location and needs. Your medical insurance may afford you mental health benefits covering anger management therapy, but it is always wise to check with your insurance and the provider to make sure it is a good match.


    • Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy sessions are not only widely available, but they are much more affordable than private sessions as well. Peer support of others who are struggling with the same issue can be extremely helpful, and the ability to create scenarios to practice appropriate responses can make treatment more effective. Some group anger management sessions are free (like RageAholics Anonymous), while others may charge a fee of about $20 to $50 per session for attendance.

    • Couples Counseling Sessions

Sometimes anger management may include both people in a domestic living situation. Whether mother and son, father and daughter, spouses, partners or roommates, these private sessions are billed hourly at a cost of about $80 to $150 per session. Health insurance coverage may assist with the cost.

    • Family Therapy

About one in three teenagers suffer from the inability to control their anger. Family anger management therapy can help at a cost similar to that of couples counseling with the same assistance from health insurance.

    • Hypnosis Treatment Costs

There are other, less traditional interventions that may be helpful to you in treating anger management, including hypnosis. The costs of this can vary greatly, depending upon what specialist you see, and if your medical insurance will cover any of the costs. On average, hypnotherapy sessions run about $100 per hour.

    • Self-Help Books for Anger Management

Self-help books for anger management are another option for those looking for help with anger. Some therapists may even assign specific books that they believe pertain to your case. Cost is generally minimal for these books, and books can be found online or at local bookstores.

    • Medications

There are some medications that your personal physician can prescribe that may assist with certain anger management symptoms and the core issues of depression. Generally these medications are classified as mood enhancers, and they work by reducing stress levels and encouraging a positive mood and spirit of wellbeing. These medications can vary greatly in cost and will depend upon whether or not you have health insurance and if you opt for name brand medications or their generic counterparts.

Finding Help Through Anger Management

No matter which types of anger management you choose or its cost, it is important to keep in mind that anger management treatment is a process. It is not something that can be fixed overnight, but it is worth the battle to get your anger under control so that you can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

We want to help you heal. If you would like help getting connected with some of the best treatment options available, please call our 24-hour, toll-free helpline, 844-675-1221 to speak to one of our admissions coordinators about beginning your journey to freedom today.


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