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Herbert Suddath Lewis
Colonel, United States  Army
Courtesy of his classmates, United States Military Academy:

Herbert Suddath Lewis
January 1943
           No. 13344    12 February 1918 15 July 1998
           Died in Denton, Texas
           Interment: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia

HS Lewis PHOTO                    HS Lewis PHOTO

Why go toUSMA? The Academy provides fine education, a great honor system, and outstanding training for future Army officers. USMA is respected throughout the Army.

During World War II, I was on Saipan and in HQ MIDPAC. I met Sue Rucker,  a lovely girl, on Oahu after the war, and we married in 1947. We had four wonderful children Margaret, a college Vice President; Elizabeth, a lawyer; David, a petroleum engineer; and Nancy, a teacher. Sue enjoyed Army life and loved to travel. She passed away in 1988 and we miss her very much.

My most interesting assignments included four years in the Pentagon and, next, training and moving a Sergeant Missile Battalion to Europe. I was then assigned to White Sands Missile Range as Deputy to the Commanding General for National Range Engineering. This was probably my most challenging assignment as the civilian engineers working for me were planning the testing of weapons systems not yet developed or designed. In Vietnam, I was the Assistant Chief of Staff for Security, Plans and Operations of the 1st Logistical Command. My final assignment was Commander, Sixth Army Stock Control Center, the forerunner of the CONUS computerized stock control system.

After retirement, I have worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Disaster Assistance Engineer in providing Federal Aid to repair public facilities damaged by natural disasters.

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US Military Academy (West Point) SEAL