John Jordan Crittenden, Jr. – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

I appreciate your website and I was able to locate several of my Crittenden relatives grave sites at Arlington and visit their graves.

However, you have posted the John Jordan Crittenden, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, date of death 21 December 1927 and buried at Section 4-S Site 3155, as the son of 2nd Lt John Jordan Crittenden 20th U. S. Infantry, date of Death 25 June 1876 at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Second Lieutenant J.J. Crittenden was born 1841 and Lieutenant Colonel J.J. Crittenden was born 1857 which would make Second Lieutenant J.J. Crittenden a father at age 16 and then going on to West Point for three years prior to his dismissal and appointment as a Second Lieutenant.

I have found that Lieutenant Colonel J.J. Crittenden was probably a member of a family headed by a widow by the name of Laura (1880 Kentucky Census, Franklin County, Frankfort. I have also found this same J.J. Crittenden in the 1900 Census married and living in Michigan and still serving in the Army.

This is a follow-up to my email of yesterday.  Lieutenant Colonel John Jordan Crittenden was the son of Colonel Eugene Wilkenson Crittenden who is the son of Senator and Kentucky Governor John Jordan Crittenden. There are no marriage records yet discovered for SEcond Lieutnant John Jordan Crittenden who you listed as his father. This Second Lieutenant J.J. Crittenden is Lieuetnant Colonel J.J. Crittenden’s Uncle’s Son, and to our knowledge he never married

H. Craig Russell, October 2006

John Jordan Crittenden of Kentucky

  • Appointed from Kentucky, Second Lieutenant, 22nd U. S. Infantry, 14 December 1876
  • First Lieutenant, 20 July 1882
  • Captain, 6 June 1894
  • Major, 2 February 1901


  • DATE OF DEATH: 12/21/1927

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