Lorenzo Paul Davison – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Lorenzo Paul Davison of Wisconsin

Appointed from Iowa, Cadet, United States Military Academy, 1 July 1881 (12)
Second Lieutenant, 7th U. S. Cavalry, 28 August 1885
Transferred to the 11th Infantry, 12 March 1886
First Lieutenant, 28 July 1890
Captain, 5th U. S. Infantry, 26 April 1898
Major, Puerto Rico Regiment, 5 June 1899
Honorably discharged from the Volunteer Service, 1 December 1899

Lorenzo Paul  Davidson was born 15 November 1859 at Beaver Dam Wisconsin.  He was twice married, first to Carolyn Lavina Shannon (12 October 1887 in Cook County, Illinois) of Rochester,New York, (died 1 March 1949 at Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California) and second to Effie May Huey.Lorenzo died 23 April 1917 at Manila, Philippine Islands, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery at

He was a Mason and a Christian Scientist.

He served in official positions in the United States Army for for many years. He was a Lieutenant he was of the 11th U. S. Infantry at Fort Buford, North Dakota. Cadet at the Military Academy 1881. Lieutenant, 7th U. S. Cavalry, 1885. Retired with the rank of Major in 1904 for a disability received in the line of duty.

Recalled to duty in World War I

Children by Carolyn S:
Paul Root Davison, born 3 March 1890 in  Illinois. Served in U. S. Cavalry
Donald Angus Davison. born  26 October in Arizona, Served in the U. S. Engineers
Franklin MacKenzie Davison. He served in U. S. Artillery
Mary B Davison married in Dublin to Frank R McCrary. She did Red Cross work in France and became first American woman yeoman to serve in a foreign field. Naval Aviation Headquarers in Paris

Children by Effie May Huey:
Stephen Davison, born  5 December 1910 at Davenport lowa.

Mrs. Effie Huey Davison
DAR ID Number: 98366
Born in Brooklyn, Iowa
Wife of Major Lorenzo Paul Davison, U. S. A.
Descendant of Robert Slemons, as follows:
1. Joseph Slemons Huey (1837-1910) m. 1869 Gertrude Parcell (1849-1908).
2. John Huey (b. 1793) m. Hesther Slemons (1804-87).
3. Robert Slemons m. 1780 Hannah Donnelly (d. 1824).
Robert Slemons (1754-1814) served as private in Capt. John Marshall’s company, Col. Walter Stewart’s regiment of Pennsylvania infantry. He was born in Antrim, Ireland; died in Westmoreland County, Pa.


  • DATE OF DEATH: 04/13/1917

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