Silas Casey III – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Born at East Greenwich, Rhode Island, September 11, 1841, the son of General Silas and Abbie Pearce Casey. He was appointed to the United States Naval Academy from New York in 1856 and graduated in 1860. He was appointed Midshipman, June 15, 1860 and was promoted through the grades to Rear Admiral, Mrch 3, 1899.

He served aboard the USS Niagara, 1860-61, in the engagements with the batteries at Pensacola, Florida, October 1861; aboard the USS Wissachicken, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, 1862-63; engagements with Fort McAllister, 1862; USS Quaker City, North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, 1863-65, first attack on Charleston under Admiral DuPont, and the attack on Fort Fisher in December 1864. Aboard the USS Winooski, Atlantic Blockading Squadron, 1865-67. Served at the Naval Academy, 1867-69 and on various other duties to 1897. He served as Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, 1901-03 and retired from active duty on September 11, 1903.

He died on August 14, 1913 and was buried in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery.

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