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As in every major undertaking (and make no mistake about it, designing, building and then maintaining a webpage IS a major undertaking), there are countless people without whose assistance and encouragement the project would not be possible.

Listed below are just some of those who have aided me a great deal in bringing my interest in, and love of, Arlington National Cemetery to the internet. I must share the credit for all of the good things here with them. Sadly, the errors are solely mine.

Eileen Horan: A great friend and one of the best photographers in the world.  Thanks's Eileen for all of the great photos that you have provided that make the website so much better. Eileen serves in many roles for this site: Chief Photographer

Holly:A Virginia friend of long-standing who not only helps to remember those intered in Sectin 60, but who's expertise with a camera helps to make this website a better place.  No one could have a better friend than she.  If I ever have had a “co-pilot,” Holly is it!

Russell Jacobs: A Michigan buddy who shares our love of military history and of Arlington National Cemetery.  His submissions of both biographies and photographs are valuable to us and make this a nicer site.

John J. “Jack” Healy: A friend of long-standing whose endless encouragement (and constant testing of this page) has made this project “a dream come true.”

Loretta Hackett: Truly an unsung public servant. As a member of the extremely busy Arlington National Cemetery Administrative staff, she has always found the time to be a friend and to provide information that would not have otherwise been obtained. Thanks for checking those index-card files so many times for me.

Raymond L. Collins: Ray probably knows more about the Medal of Honor and its recipients than anyone else on the face of the earth. Thanks for your encouragement for both this page and my future book, for your friendship and for keeping very much alive the spirit of the Medal of Honor.  Ray died on 19 February 2003 and leaves behind many who loved and respected him.  God Speed, Ray!

Library Staffs: Thanks to the combined staffs of the Wantagh, Seaford and Levittown, New York, libraries for putting up with my seemingly endless requests for information. You all have done so with much professionalism and always with a warm smile.

Robert Edwin Patterson: An Army Officer who gave life to me and twenty-five years of his life to public service. My father was vitally important in not only my love of the American military, but of American history and those who blazed the trails before us. Rest in peace, Dad.

Lynne Patterson: I have deep admiration for a wife who puts up with her husband spending so many long hours away from her and in front of a computer. Love ya', Gator!

Brian & Casey Patterson: Likewise to my son and daughter, who sometimes believe that their father is a hermit who is only connected to the “real world” by a computer in the basement.

Pamela Breig: A sister in far-away Qatar, who always obliged my requests to “please check the page for me.” Pam, you're the best.

Arlington National Cemetery Staff: No matter what their job, these dedicated public servants share at least two common traits: They have an unmatched respect for the hallowed ground of Arlington and each that I have met has been more than willing to put up with my ceaseless questions. Thanks to you all!

The American Servicemembers: They make the kinds of sacrifices for us that makes a place like Arlington National Cemetery necessary. You suffer the slings and arrows of public criticism all too often. Please accept our thanks for giving us the ability to enjoy our freedoms.

Judy Antrim Laylon: Thanks, Judy, for reminding me what a true American hero your Dad,  Rear Admiral Richard Nott Antrim (a recipient of the Navy Cross AND the Medal of Honor) was, and for your encouragement regarding this webpage..

Lynn and Joel Gazis-Sax: Thank you for bestowing the “Four Stones” award to this humble page. Your own page, The City of the Silent, has long been one of my favorites.

Betty Horn:  For sharing with me her memories of her father, Walter DeHaas Chatham, and for inspiring me to include his story, that of a true American Hero, here.

Keith Barnes: Another of the dedicated staff at Arlington National Cemetery, who is always kind enough to help with information and research and who handles funerals at the Cemetery with professionalism, class and caring for the families. The “ride-along” and the flag were memorable, thanks, Keith!

Bonnie Windrich Monahan:  A true friend and Internet buddy whose Dad, William Gordon Windrich, is a true American hero.

Susan Winters: For sharing with me her very special thoughts about Arlington and about her son.

Michael T. Stein: A friend in faraway Denmark who shares with me a love of Military History and who has been kind enough to constantly share information from his private collection for this website.

Judy Campbell and Esther Gates: The sister and mother of Keith Allen Campbell, one of the American heroes who lies at rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Ron Williams: A friend in the Washington who has shared countless wonderful photographs of Arlington National Cemetery with us.  This site would be a poorer place without Ron's contributions.

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