United States Coast Guard Personnel Buried In Arlington National Cemetery




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Stewart Hoffman Appleby, Coxswain (WWII), Member of Congress
Richard W. Baker, Seaman – WWII, NBC News Correspondent, The Today Show
Beatrice V. Ball – Senior SPARS Officer In World War II
Richard Arnold Bauman, Rear Admiral, World War II, Vietnam War, LM, BSM
Anthony C. Beardsley, Lieutenant Commander – INFORMATION NEEDED
Richard E. Bennis, Rear Admiral, A Hero Of September 11, 2001
Chester R. Bender – Admiral & 14th USCG Commandant
Ellsworth Price Bertholf, Commodore – First Commandant, Congressional Gold Medal
Frederick Chamberlayne Billard, Rear Admiral, Commandant, Died In Office – Navy Cross In World War I
Frederick J. Birkett III, Lieutenant, Navy Cross – WWI Era Explosion At A New Jersey Ammunition Factory
Ernest J. Blanchard IV, Captain, Chief of USCG Public Relations
Jonathan Kyle Briese, Cadet 2nd Class, USCG Academy – Died At Age 20
Nathan B. Bruckenthal, Petty Officer Third Class, Killed In Action, Operation Iraqi Freedom – PH
Wayne E. Caldwell, Vice Admiral, World War II – USCG Academy, Star Football Player – BSM
George Creighton Carmine, Rear Admiral, World War I – Navy Cross (NC)
James H. Chalker, Commander – Engineering – INFORMATION NEEDED
Lloyd Toulmin Chalker, Vice Admiral
Kenneth K. Cowart, Vice Admiral, Last Chief Engineer of USCG – INFORMATION NEEDED
Thaddeus G. Crapster, Captain, WWI, Commandant of USCG Adacemy – Died On Active Duty In 1941
Ralph R. Curry, Captain – USCG Academy, WWII Escort Service – USCG Institute
Eugene A. Delaney, Captain – USCG Academy – Chief of Boating & Safety
Harold Joseph Doebler, Rear Admiral, WWII, Korea – INFORMATION NEEDED
Louis Norman Donohue, Captain – 32-Year Career As An Aviator
Robert Donohue – Commandant
William B. Ellis, Rear Admiral, USCGA, World War II – Career Officer
Joseph Francis Farley, Admiral, Commandant
Fred R. Gammon, Captain, World War II, Engineering Officer, Civil Engineer
George Irving Garner, Captain, World War II, Military Judge
Nida Glick, Lieutenant Commander, USCG Reserve
Harry Gabriel Hamlet, Vice Admiral – Commandant, Silver Star
John Briggs Hayes, Admiral – USCG Academy, Vietnam War, Commandant
Daniel Zwie Henkin, WWII Amphibious Landings – Pentagon Spokesman During Vietnam War
Arthur Eugene Henn, Vice Admiral – Vice Commandant – USCG Adacemy, DSM, LM
James Albert Hirshfield, Vice Admiral, Assistant Commandant – WWII – Navy Cross
Charles Frederick Howell, Rear Admiral, 41 Years Service – WWI – Navy Cross
Kwang-Ping Hsu, Captain, USCG Academy, 30 Years Service – Flew First Aircraft In China Since 1947
Patrick Michael Jacobsen, Captain – USCG Academy – Engineering Officer
Martha Jane Harris, Captain, World War II
Claude William Jenkins, Captain, World War II (Normandy Invasion), Korea, Vietnam
Christian Jensen, Lieutenant, 36 Years Of Service – Guardian of the USS Constitution
Maurice David Jester, Commander, First Navy Cross Recipient In WWII – Sunk German Sub & Captured 35 Of The Crew
Julian E. Johansen, Rear Admiral – Second Generation USCG Officer
John William Kime, Admiral, Commandant – A Distinguished 42-Year Career Protecting America
Lynn M. Red Kleckner, Master Chief Boatswains Mate
Frank Ashton Leamy, Rear Admiral, Second DFC Recipient, USCG Academy Superintendent
John Lynker, Captain, United States Coast Guard & Radio Broadcaster
Henry Allan Mayblom, FN First, Also Listed As Flying Cadet, US Army Air Service, WWI – Two Headstones
Raymond J. Mauerman, Vice Admiral, 40 Years Of Service – WWI, WWII, Korea – LM
John D. McCubbin, Rear Admiral, USCG Academy, WWII, Rescue Operations, Chief of USCG Reserve
Patrick Minor Martin, Radioman, World War II – Member of Congress
Henry Franklin McConnell, Quartermaster First Class – Died In The Line of Service, 1927
Harry McGinley, Keeper of  U. S. Life-Saving Service, Gold Lifesaving Medal
Frank Hamilton Newcomb, Commodore, United States Revenue Cutter Service, Cardenas Medal of Honor
John W. Nichols, Commander – WWII Atlantic Escort Commander
John Birdsell Oren, Rear Admiral, WWII – Chief of Engineering – LM
Charles Abraham Park, Rear Admiral  – Chief Operations Officer
Helmer Sheppard Pearson, Rear Admiral – World War II, Engineering Officer
Harry Jack Reckitt, Captain, USCG Academy – 30-Year Career
Jerome F. Ressler, ET1, Killed In The USCG Blackthorn Incident
Alfred Carroll Richmond, Admiral, Commandant
Jack Columbus Rittichier, Lieutenant, Lost Over Vietnam In 1968 – Returned Home In 2003
Charles S. Root, Captain, Famed Engineer, WWI, Hero of Galveston Hurricane, Intelligence Officer – Killed In Automobile Accident In 1930
Frank J. Sarna, Ensign, United States Coast Guard – Lost On USCG Blackthorn
Charles Frederick Shoemaker, Captain (Commandant) United States Revenue Cutter Service, Civil War
Owen Wesley Siler, Admiral, World War II, Vietnam – Commandant
Willard J. Smith, Admiral – Commandant of the Coast Guard
Glenn Louis Snyder, Captain – Career Officer – “A Life Well Lived”
Elmer Fowler Stone, Commander – Coast Guard Aviator Number One
John E. Streeper, Sr. – Commander, Aviator
Joseph Tezanos, Lieutenant (jg), World War II Coast Guard Hero
USS Serpens Group Burial At Arlington National Cemetery
Russell Randolph Waesche – Commandant, First 4-Star Admiral in The Coast Guard

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