The Vietnam Unknown Controversy

DNA testing has proven that the remains which were buried in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery are those of United States Air Force First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie.

Lieutenant Blassie's remains were returned to his family on Friday, July 10, 1998, and were buried in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, July 11, 1998.








Keven Outman, a Boy Scout and member of the Greater St. Louis Area Council, places a flag at the head stone of Lt. Michael Joseph Blassie Sunday, May 29, 2005, at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, as part of the 55th annual Memorial Day observance. Blassie, a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, was shot down in the vicinity of An Loc in South Vietnam, May 11, 1972. His remains were found later at the crash site. Blassie's remains were placed in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery until sophisticated identification techniques identifed him as the unknown soldier. St. Louis area scouts placed 152,000 flags at the head stones More than 4,000 scouts took part in the ceremony.

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The Blassie Family bids farewell to
First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie
St. Louis, Missouri, Saturday, July 11, 1998

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Items Found With Lieutenant Blassie
And Buried In The Tomb of The Unknowns


Ammo Pouch – Michael J. Blassie,
Courtesy of the United States Government


Identification Tag Chain – Michael J. Blassie
Courtesy of the United States Government



USAF Holster Remnants – Michael J. Blassie
Courtesy of the United States Government


USAF Match Container – Michael J. Blassie
Courtesy of the United States Government


Part of A USAF Parachute – Michael J. Blassie
Courtesy of the United States Government


Portions of A USAF Flight Suit – Michael J. Blassie
Courtesy of the United States Government


Upper Arm Bone – Michael J. Blassie
DNA Extracted From This Bone
Courtesy of the United States Government

Information About The Original Interment Of The Vietnam Unknown

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Some Military Officials May Have Know Vietnam Unknown Was Not Unknown

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