William Herbert Price, Jr. – Brigadier General, United States Army

Brigadier General William Herbert Price Jr.

Born in South Carolina 12 January 1915
Died 6 October 2002

Cadet, U.S. Military Academy 1935-39
Graduated as No. 11502, Class of 1939

Second Lieutenant 1939
First Lieutenant (AUS) 1940
Captain (AUS) 1942
1st Lieutenant 1942
Major (AUS) 1942
Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) 1944
Captain 1948
Advanced through Grades to Brigadier General

Battery Commander, Panama Detachment 13th, Coast Artillery 1939-40 Commander, Battery M 73, Coast Artillery, Fort Amador 1941-42 Battalion Executive Officer, 73rd Coast Artillery 1942 Instructor, Anti-Aircraft Artillery School 1942-44 Assistant Anti-Aircraft Officer, Headquarters 6th US. Army 1944-45 Assistant Director of Instruction, Anti-Aircraft Artillery School 1946-47 Instructor, The Artillery School 1947 Student, Naval War College 1947-48 Student, Command & General Staff School 1948-49 Assistant Plans & Operations Officer, Caribbean Command 1949-52 Commanding Officer, 35th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion 1952-53 Served with Office of Assistant Army Chief of Staff G-3 (Operations &
Training) 1953-55
Student, Army War College 1956-57
Artillery Commander, 1st Cavalry Division 1958-59
Served with Office of Army Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations) 1959 Chief, Army Security Agency, Europe 1964-67 Deputy Chief, Army Group, National Security Agency 1967-69
Retired 1969

Bronze Star – Legion of Merit – Distinguished Service Medal

William Herbert Price, Jr. was born 12 January 1915 and died on 6 October 2002.  During his career, he served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

He was buried in Section 66 of Arlington National Cemetery.

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  • BG   US ARMY
  • VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 11/07/1937 – 07/31/1969
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 01/12/1915
  • DATE OF DEATH: 10/06/2002
  • DATE OF INTERMENT: 11/07/2002



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