United States Army Regulations (AR-290-5)

Arlington National Cemetery

Table of Contents

1.0          General
1.1           Purpose
1.2           Army national cemeteries.
1.3           Statutory authority.
1.4           Scope and applicability.
1.4.a         Scope.
1.4.b         Applicability.
1.5           Resources.
1.5.a         Funding and accounting.
1.5.b         Manpower.
1.6           Responsibilities.
1.7           Names for Army national cemeteries.
1.8           Cemetery enclosures.
1.9           Federal jurisdiction.
1.10          Donations.
1.10.a        Policy.
1.10.b        Processing.
1.10.c        Conditional gifts.
1.10.d        Unconditional gifts.
1.11          Design and layout of Army national cemeteries.
1.11.a        Burial sections and memorial plots.
1.11.b        Opening of new sections.
1.11.c        Establishment and/or expansion of military post sections.
1.12          Communications.
1.13          Records Maintenance.
1.14          Arlington Memorial Amphitheater.
1.15          Power of arrest.
1.16          Solicitations.
1.17          Procurement.
1.18          Accountability for property and supplies.
1.19          Encroachments and revocable licenses.
1.19.a        Encroachments.
1.19.b        Revocable licenses.
1.20          Standards of construction, maintenance, and operations.

2.1           Explanation of terms.
2.1.a         Interment.
2.1.b         Armed Forces.
2.1.c         Active duty.
2.1.d         Unmarried adult dependent child.
2.1.e         Minor child.
2.1.f         Close relative.
2.1.g         President or former President of the United States.
2.2           Authority for interments.
2.3           Special provisions.
2.4           Persons eligible for ground burial in Arlington National Cemetery.
2.5           Assignment of gravesites.
2.6           Persons eligible for inurnment of cremated remains in the Columbarium in Arlington National Cemetery.
2.7           Selection of the Columbarium for inurnment.
2.8           Persons eligible for burial in Soldiers' Home National Cemetery.
2.9           Persons ineligible for interment in an Army national cemetery.
2.10          Disinterments.

3.1           General.
3.2           Explanation of terms.
3.2.a         Project design criteria.
3.2.b         Engineering and/or architectural investigations.
3.2.c         Design.
3.2.d         Contract documents.
3.2.e         Construction.
3.2.f         Other documents.
3.2.g         Repairs and utilities.
3.3           Responsibilities.
3.4           Memorial sections.

4.0          INSPECTIONS
4.1           General.
4.2           Inspections.
4.3           Scope of technical, operating, and administrative inspections.
4.3.a         Administration.
4.3.b         Operations.
4.3.c         Maintenance.
4.4           Results of inspections.

5.1           General.
5.1.a         Authority.
5.1.b         Applications.
5.1.c         Inscriptions.
5.1.d         Replacement Policy.
5.2           Furnished by the Government.
5.2.a         Multiple interments.
5.2.b         Group burials.
5.2.c         Memorial markers.
5.3           Monuments and inscriptions at private expense.

6.1           General.
6.2           Evaluation of cemetery superintendent's performance.
6.3           Requirements for appointment to superintendent positions.
6.4           Quarters and utilities.

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