Arlington National Cemetery Website – Story of the Week Archives

February 25, 1999: Leslie William Coffelt, Died Protecting President Truman
March 1, 1999: The McGovern Brothers, Killed In The Korean War
March 6, 1999: The Meigs Family
March 13, 1999: U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Harry Andrew Blackmun
March 20, 1999: General Frederic Ellis Davison
March 27, 1999:Franklin Dennis Winters, Sergeant, US Army Rangers
April 3, 1999: 1st Lt. Richard W. Pershing, Grandson of John J. Pershing – Killed In Vietnam
April 10, 1999: William Loren McGonagle, Capt of  USS Liberty & Medal of Honor Recipient
April 17, 1999: Pvt Victor J. Willson, Jr., Killed In Holland, 1944 –  Returned Home In 1992
May 1, 1999: Vinnie Ream Hoxie – Female Sculptor & Army Wife
May 7, 1999: Col Paul L. Bates, Commanded  First Black Tank Battalion In WWII-Refused To Court-Martial Jackie Robinson
May 14, 1999: Clarence Eugene Zieske, Killed In Action In World War II
May 21:Lieutenant Thomas Etholen Selfridge, The First Military Casualty In An Airplane
May 28, 1999: A Chaplain And His Aide Reunited In Death At Arlington National Cemetery
June 10, 1998: William Ward Burrows, Lt Colonel  –  First Commandant Of US Marine Corps
June 17, 1999: Lloyd L. “Scooter” Burke – Col, US Army, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Medal of Honor Recipient
June 24, 1999: Domenico Tony Curto, USAF Col, 340 Combat Missions In 3 Wars, 40 Medals
July 3, 1999: Harry E. Sears, Navy Vice Admiral – Highly Decorated WWII Aviator
July 10, 1999: Frank Dwight Baldwin, Major General, United States Army: Rare Double Medal of Honor Recipient
July 17, 1999: Maj Gen Edgar Erskine Hume –  One Of The Most Highly Decorated Medical Officers In Army History
July 24, 1999: Charles P. Pete Conrad, Captain, US Navy – Third Man To Walk On The Moon
July 31, 1999: Specialist Richard L. McKinley, The Only American Killed In A Nuclear Reactor Accident
14 August 1999: Stanton Wooster, Lieutenant, US Navy – Killed In Early Trans-Atlantic Crossing Attempt
21 August 1999: Army Aviator & Red Cross Worker – Killed In 1945: Found And Buried In Arlington In 1999
28 August 1999: Captain Richard B. Buchanan, United States Marine Corps – Killed In Nicaragua In 1927
5 September 1999: Rene Gagnon, Corporal, USMC, Iwo Jima Flag Raiser
12 September 1999: Barbara Allen Rainey, First Female Naval Aviator
19 September 1999: Bertram Tracy Clayton, Member of Congress & Army Officer Killed In WW I
26 September 1999: Marion E. Carl, Marine Corps Lieutenant General & Murder Victim
2 October 1999: Arthur Gill Caffee, Ensign, US Navy, “Look After The Others.”
9 October 1999: Wiliam David Howsa Ragin, Captain, USA, Killed In Vietnam
17 October 1999: Fred Keith Mahaffey, General, USA – A Career Cut Short By Cancer
6 November 1999: The Capron Family, Generations Of Service To America
13 November 1999: Colonel Larry E. Joyce, Combat Hero, His Son, Casey, Was Killed In Somalia
20 November 1999: The McCain Family: Generations Of Service To America
28 November 1999: Richard B.Black, RA, USN:  Explorer With Adm Byrd, Search For Amelia Earhart, Pearl Harbor
4 December 1999: Alexander Archer Vandegrift, General, USMC, Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Commandant
11 December 1999: Jeremy Michael Boorda, Admiral, USN,  Chief of Naval Operations
18 December 1999: Finn Ronne, Captain, United States Navy & Arctic Explorer
25 December 1999: Eli Thomas Reich, Vice Admiral, United States Navy, Holder Of Three Navy Crosses
1 January 2000:Charles Baher Gatewood, First Lieutenant, 6th U.S. Cavalry
8 January 2000: Richard Hetherington O'Kane, Rear Admiral, US Navy – Medal of Honor Recipient
5 February 2000: Wheelock Graves Veazey, Colonel, US Army – Medal of Honor At Gettysburg
12 February 2000: Don Carlos Faith, Jr., Killed In Korea – Medal of Honor Recipient – Body Not Recovered
17 February 2000: Keith Allen Campbell, Highly Decorated Green Beret Medic Killed In Vietnam
26 February 2000: Captain Robert E. Hoy – Killed In Action In Vietnam
4 March 2000: Captain Milton Palmer – Killed In A Controversial Ranger Training Incident
11 March 2000: Major General Kenneth David Nichols, USMA, 1929 – Helped Develop Atomic Bomb In World War II
24 March 2000: George L. Street, III, Capt, United States Navy – Medal of Honor, Navy Cross & Silver Star In World War II
1 April 2000: The Spengler Family: Three Generations Of Americans Who Gave Their Lives For Our Country
9 April 2000: Colonel John Warren Pershing III, Grandson Of General of the Armies John Joseph Pershing
15 April 2000: Leonard Fielding Champman, Jr. – General, United States Marine Corps – Commandant
11 April 2000: An Army UH-1 Crew Comes Home To Rest In Arlington National Cemetery
29 April 2000: Carl L. Sitter, Captain, United States Marine Corps – Medal of Honor Recipient, Korean War
6 May 2000: James Longstreet, Jr. – Lieutenant Colonel, US Army – Son of the Confederate General
13 May 2000: R. Adams Cowley, 1st. Lieutenant, US Army – Trauma Medicine Expert & “Father” of The Golden Hour
20 May 2000: Erle Cocke, Jr., Maj, US Army, Decorated War Hero & National Commander of the American Legion
27 May 2000: Laurie Calvin Battle, Colonel, USAF & Member of Congress – A Life of Service
2 June 2000: Gary Green, 1st Lieutenant, USA – Decorated Vietnam Aviator – “He Was A Warrior”
10 June 2000: William Gordon Windrich, Medal of Honor Recipient (Korea) & An American Hero
17 June 2000: Benjamin O. Davis – First Black General In The American Military – Served For 50 Years
24 June 2000: Thomas W. Kelly, Lieutenant General – Decorated Combat Veteran & Gulf War Spokesman
1 July 2000: George William Gaffney, Jr – US Army Air Corps – Lost In WWII (1944) Returned Home In 1999
8 July 2000: Virgil King Cameron, Lt Cdr, USN – Lost Over Vietnam In 1966, Retrurned Home In 1999
15 July 2000: William Owen “Buckey” O'Neill, Captain, USA – Killed At San Juan Hill, Cuba
22 July 2000: Charles Andrew MacGillivary, Sgt, United States Army – Medal of Honor in World War II
29 July 2000: Alton Glenn Miller – Major, US Army – Band Leader, Recording Artist – MIA In WWII
5 August 2000: William T. Ryder, Brigadier General – Father of the American Airborne
12 August 2000: Lieutenant (jg) Scott W. Kinkele, USN – USNA, Aviator – Murdered In Washington State
19 August 2000: Jonas Manfield Platt, Highly Decorated Marine Corps Major General
16 August 2000: Robert William Komer – USA Lt Col & CIA Operative In Vietnam War – Presidential Medal of Freedom
2 September 2000: Royal B. Allison, Air Force Lieutenant General – Decorated WWII Aviator & Arms Negotiator
9 September 2000: Joseph B. Conmy, Army Colonel – WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Hamburger Hill – Third Infantry
16 September 2000: World War II Air Crew Brought Home After 50 Years
23 September 2000: Wilson Wilson “Buffalo Bill” Quinn – Decorated Army Lieutenant General – A Founder of CIA
30 September 2000: Douglas Thomas Jacobson, Major, US Marine Corps – Medal of Honor In WWII
7 October 2000: Joel Thompson Boone, Vice Admiral – Medal of Honor & Physician To 3 Presidents
14 October 2000: The Porter Family: Generations Of Service To America
21 October 2000: Theodore Starke Wilkinson, Jr., VAdm – Medal of Honor – Career Cut Short By An Auto Accident
28 October 2000: Daniel E. Sickles – Medal of Honor Recipient & Controversial Civil War General
4 November 2000: The Ord Family – Generations Of Service To America
11 November 2000: Remembering the Victims of the USS Cole
18 November 2000: John Lee Levitow, Sergeant, US Air Force – Medal of Honor In Vietnam
25 November 2000: Bruce Palmer, Jr., General, US Army, Vice Chief of Staff
2 December 2000: Peter Joeph Gallo, First Lieutenant, US Army – Killed In Vietnam – The Gallo Wine Family
9 December 2000: Charles B. Swede Momsen, Vice Admiral, USN, Highly Decorated Submariner Hero
16 December 2000: Charles Trueman Lanham, Col, USA Highly Decorated WWII Regimental Commander
23 December 2000: William Howard Taft – President of the United States & Supreme Court Chief Justice
30 December 2000: Cesar Pares, Lieutenant Colonel (USA) – One Of The Last WWI Warriors
6 January 2001: Victor Laskky – Army Officer And Noted Author
13 January 2001: William Pierce Rogers, Naval Officer, US Attorney General & US Secretary of State
20 January 2001: Justin C. Wotasik, Airman First Class, US Air Force A Lifesaver Who Gave His Life For His Country
27 January 2001: Michael Finlay Field, Major, US Army Highly Decorated West Pointer, Killed In Vietnam
3 February 2001: Jack Fontaine Dulaney, Colonel, United States Army, “He Was A Soldier's Soldier”
10 February 2001: Robert Morehead Cook, Colonel, USA – Decorated Veteran Of Three Wars
17 Februady 2001: Willard Holbrook Coates, Second Lieutenant, US Army, USMA – Killed In Korea
24 February 2001: Joseph S. Bonsall, Sr. – PFC, US Army – Decorated Hero Of Omaha Beach On D-Day (WWII)
3 March 2001: Walter James Sabalauski, Command Sergeant Major: Highly Decorated Veteran Of Three Wars
10 March 2001: William Kelly Harrison, Commander, US Navy, Medal of Honor In Mexico & Military Father
17 March 2001: John Gibbon, Major General, US Army, Commanded The Iron Brigade In The Civil War
24 March 2001: Green Clay Smith, Civil War General & Member of Congress
31 March 2001: Cord Meyer, Jr. Decorated Marine Officer: Storied Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Operative
7 April 2001: Colonel John M. Stotsenburg, Killed In Action In The Philippine Insurrection – An American Hero
14 April 2001: Burt Kennedy, Decorated Army Officer & Famed Hollywood Writer & Director
21 April 2001: John Paul Vann, Lieutenant Colonel, USA –  “A Bright Shining Lie”
28 April 2001: Roscoe Robinson, Jr. – First Black Army 4-Star General – Combat Veteran
5 May 2001: James Thomas Ruffin, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy: Killed In Vietnam In 1966 – Returned Home In 1983
12 May 2001: Dempster McKee Jackson, Rear Admiral, USN –  USS Maddox, Gulf of Tonkin Incident
19 May 2001: Michael P. Hammer – Murdered American Foreign Service Officer
25 May 2001: Juliet Ann Opie Hopkins – The Florence Nightingale Of The South
2 June 2001: Army Helicopter Crew Missing In Vietnam Since 1968 Is Returned Home
9 June 2001: Clyde Thomason, Sergeant, USMC – First Marine Enlisted MOH Recipient In World War II
16 June 2001: Henry Ware Lawton, Major General – Medal of Honor, Civil War, Indian Wars, Killed In Action In The Philippine Insurrection
23 June 2001: A. Peter Dewey, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army – OSS Officer In WWII – Killed In Vietnam, September 1945
30 June 2001: Charles Trumbull Boyd, Captain, US Army – Military Family – Killed In Action On The Mexican Border
7 July 2001: Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. – Decorated and Storied Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps
14 July 2001: Charles Darwin Dees, Sr and Charles Darwin Dees, Jr. United States Air Force – Died in Service To America
21 July 2001: Walton H. Walker, Lieutenant General, USA – Mexican Border, WWI, WWII, Korean War
28 July 2001: L. Fletcher Prouty, Air Force Colonel And Patriotic American
4 August 2001: Edward Regan, Sergeant, United States Army – Life Photo Of Omaha Beach, Normandy
11 August 2001: Lyon Sprague de Camp, Lieutenant Commander, USN – Noted Author
18 August 2001: Joy Bright Little Hancock Ofstie , Captain, USN, A Navy Widow Three Times
25 August 2001: Marine Corps Raiders From WWII Laid To Rest At Arlington National Cemetery
1 September 2001: John Wadsworth Consolvo, Jr., Captain, USMC Aviator – Shot Down Over Vietnam – Memorial Stone At Arlington
8 September 2001: Michael McPherson Deuel, Captain, US Marine Corps, CIA Operative – Killed In Vietnam Air Crash
15 September 2001: James Russell McQuade, First Lieutenant, USA – Killed In Vietnam On A Rescue Mission – Returned Home In 2001
22 September 2001: Edgar O'Connor, Colonel, United States Army, The Iron Brigade – Killed In The Civil War
29 September 2001: Help The Victims of the Terrorism Which Struck American on 11 September 2001
6 October 2001: Help The Victims of the Terrorism Which Struck American on 11 September 2001
13 October 2001: Help The Victims of the Terrorism Which Struck American on 11 September 2001
20 October 2001: Pentagon Victims Of Terror Laid To Rest In Arlington National Cemetery
27 October 2001: Pentagon Attack Victims Laid To Rest At Arlington National Cemetery
3 November 2001: Louis Gonzaga Mendez, Colonel, U. S. Army – USMA, Decorated War Hero & Educator
10 November 2001: Thomas Tipton Thornburgh, Major, United States Army, Civil War, Killed In Action In The Indian Wars
17 November 2001: Friend, Good Night By Steven M. Robinson
24 November 2001: Frank Dwight Baldwin, Major General, USA – Two Medals of Honor
1 December 2001: Charles Frank Burlingame III, Captain, United States Navy, Pilot Of American Airlines Flight 77
8 December 2001 James Patrick Sinnott Devereux, Brigadier General, USMC, The Hero of Wake Island, Member of Congress
15 December 2001: Johnny Michael Spann, Captain, United States Marine Corps, Murdered CIA Officer
22 December 2001: Brian Cody Prosser, Sergeant, United States Army Special Forces, Killed In Afghanistan
29 December 2001: James A. Van Fleet, General, US Army – Highly Decorated In WWII & Korean – Died At Age 100
6 January 2002: Claude B. Christman, Corporal, US Army, Killed In The Philippine Insurrection At Age 21
13 January 2002: Charles deForest Chandler, Colonel, United States Army, Aviation Pioneer
19 January 2002: Samuel Baldwin Marks Young, Lieutenant General, USA – Civil War, Spanish War, Philippines, Army Chief of Staff
26 January 2002: Richard W. Kowalewski, Jr., Specialist, United States Army Ranger, Killed In Somalia (Black Hawk Down)
2 February 2002: Cyrus R. Vance, Navy Officer & Government Official
9 February 2002: Scott N. Germosen, Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, Killed In Aircraft Accident In Pakistan
16 February 2002: Daniel Chappie James, General, United States Air Force, America's First Black 4-Star General
23 February 2002: Vernon A. Walters, Army Officer, American Ambassador, CIA Official
2 March 2002: Rudolph B. Davila, Second Lieutenant, US Army – Received Medal of Honor 56 Years After World War II
9 March 2002: Humbert Roque Versace, Captain, United States Army – Missing In Action In Vietnam, Medal of Honor
16 March 2002: Matthew Allen Commons, Corporal, United States Army: Killed In Afghanistan Combating Terrorism
23 March 2002: Jason Dean Cunningham, Senior Airman, United States Air Force: Killed In Afghanistan
30 March 2002: William Benedict Nolde, Colonel, US ArmyThe Last Official Casualty Of The Vietnam War
6 April 2002: Martin Conboy, Second Lieutenant, US Army: Medal of Honor In The Civil War – Reinterred In Arlington In 2001
13 April 2002: Nathan Bedford Forrest III, Brigadier General, Army Air Corps, Namesake of the Confederate Civil War General
20 April 2002: Robert Goldthwaite Carter, Captain, US Army – Civil War, Indian Wars, Medal of Honor Recipiant, Author
27 April 2002: Kenneth Newton Walker, Brigadier General, US Army Air Corps, Medal of Honor, Killed In World War II
4 May 2002: William E. Barber, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps: Medal of Honor In Korea
11 May 2002: Anson Mills, Army Brigadier General, Indian Wars, Inventor
18 May 2002: James Tanner, Corporal, United States Army – Wounded Civil War Vet, GAR Official, Veteran Advocate
25 May 2002: James Lawton Collins, Jr., Brigadier General, US Army, Strategist & Author Military Family
1 June 2002: Brian Craig, Sergeant, U.S. Army – Killed Disarming Explosives In Afghanistan
9 June 2002: William Gardner, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Killed In Action On Omaha Beach, Normandy, 6 June 1944
15 June 2002: Gordon Johnston, Colonel, U.S. Army – Medal of Honor – Highly Decorated Veteran of Three Wars
22 June 2002: Irene Kinne Englund, Women Air Service Pilot, World War II
29 June 2002: Anissa Ann Shero, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Air Force – Killed In Crash Of An C-130 In Afghanistan, June 2002
13 July 2002: James Nicholas Rowe, Colonel, US Army – Escaped Vietnam POW, Hero Green Beret, Assassinated In The Philippines
20 July 2002: William A. Rafferty, Colonel, US Army – Killed Leading His Regiment In The Philippines Insurrection
27 July 2002: Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr., General, United States Air Force: A Life Well Spent – An American Hero
2 August 2002: The Sturgis Family – Three Generations of Army Generals Serving America
9 August 2002: Gerald Carthrae Thomas, General, US Marine Corps: WWI, WWII, Haiti, Korea
17 August 2002: Joseph Green Tildord, Brigadier General, U.S. Army – Civil War, Indian Wars
24 August 2002: James Alpheus Dickinson, First Class Cabin Boy, United States Navy Government Official
31 August 2002: Raymond Joseph Costanzo, Sergeant, US Army – Prisoner of War Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery
7 September 2002: John Navarre Macomb, Jr., Colonel, US Army – Fighter, Explorer, Descendant of a Military Family
14 September 2002: Guy Furnando Keithley, Private, US Army – Hero Killed In The Philippines Insurrection
21 September 2002: Unidentified Pentagon Victims Laid To Rest In Arlington – Photo Coverage
28 September 2002: The Forrestal Family: Generations of Service To America
5 October 2002: Elmer Joseph Rogers, Jr. – General, United States Air Force Aviation Pioneer & Decorated Combat Aviator
11 October 2002: Follett Bradley, Major General, United States Army – Army Aviation Pioneer – Military Family
19 October 2002: Kathleen McGrath, Captain, United States Navy – First Female To Command An American Warship
26 October 2002: Richard Daner Hartman, Commander, U. S. Navy – Died While A POW In North Vietnam
2 November 2002: Richard M. Helms – Naval Officer & Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
9 November 2002: Larry Francis Lucas, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army, Lost Over Vietnam In 1966 – Returned Home In 2002
16 November 2002: Stephen Nicklous Benson, Lieutenant, United States Navy – Lost Off California – October 2002
30 November 2002: Army Aviators Lost Over Vietnam In 1969 Laid To Rest November 2002
7 December 2002: They Rode With Custer – Those Buried At Arlington Who Served With George Armstrong Custer
14 December 2002: Jefferson Scott Dotson , Captain, United States Air Force – Lost Over Vietnam In 1969 – Returned Home In 2002
21 December 2002: Clark G. Fiester, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Killed In Aircraft Accident
28 December 2002: Lucien Whiting Powell, Confederate Soldier & Renowned Artist
4 January 2003: Ira Oris Biffle, Early Army Aviator Raught Charles Lindbergh To Fly
11 January 2003: John R. Boyd, Colonel, United States Air Force – Military Innovator & Rebel
18 January 2003: Koseph J. Foss, Storied Marine Corps General, Medal of Honor, Governor of Soth Dakota, AFL Commissioner
25 January 2003: John Ninian Guild, Second Lieutenant, Marine Corps – Killed In Korea – Navy Cross
1 February 2003: Peyton Conway March, General, US Army – Chief of Staff
8 February 2003: William H. Bill Mauldin – WWII Sergeant & World-Famous Cartoonist
15 February 2003: David C. Munpi Cross, Captain, U. S. Marine Corps – Killed In Aircraft Crash Assisting In Anti-Drug Activities
22 February 2003: Earl Robert Kindig, Major, US Army – Killed In World War II – Returned Home In 2001
1 March 2003: Thomas J. Gibbons, CWO, United States Army – Killed On Training Flight In Afghanistan
8 March 2003: Space Shuttle Astronauts To Be Laid To Rest In Arlington National Cemetery:
Michael P. Anderson, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force
David M. Brown, Captain, United States Navy
Laurel Blair Salton Clark, Captain, United States Navy
15 March 2003: Richard Henry Griffiths, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army – Killed In World War I
22 March 2003: Raymond L. Collins, Captain, U.S. Army – Veterans Administration – MY FRIEND
29 March 2003: Wallace Martin Green, General, U. S. Marine Corps, 23rd Commandant of the Corps
5 April 2003: Jason Carlyle Hicks, Staff Sergeant, USAF Killed On Mercy Flight In Afghanistan
12 April 2003: Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Naval Officer, Government Official & U. S. Senator
19 April 2003: Casulties of Operation Iraqi Freedom Honored At Arlington National Cemetery
26 April 2003: Twin Burials Salute A Singular Cause: Operation Iraqi Freedom
3 May 2003: Madelyn N. Parks, Brigadier General, United States Army – Served From World War II To Vietnam
10 May 2003:  1903 Arlington National Cemetery Booklet
17 May 2003: Spanish-American War Dead Laid To Rest In Arlington National Cemetery: 1899
24 May 2003: Ellsworth Price Bertholf, Commodore, United States Coast Guard – First Commandant – Congressional Gold Medal
31 May 2003: Elmer Fowler Stone, Commander, U. S. Coast Guard – Pioneer Aviator
7 June 2003: William Henry Rupertus, Major General, United States Marine Corps – WWI, WWII
14 June 2003: Leigh Wade, Major General, U.S. Air Force – Aviation Pioneer
21 June 2003: William Gibbs McAdoo – Government Official, United States Senator
28 June 2003: Kemaphoom A. Chanawongse, Corporal, USMC Killed In Iraq – First Recorded Buddhist Funeral At Arlington
5 July 2003: William Shepherd Benson, Admiral, United States Navy – Chief of Naval Operations – Navy Family
12 July 2003: Gregory L. Stone, Major, United States Air Force – Murdered In Iraq
19 July 2003: The Bivouac of the Dead: Poem Seen Around Arlington National Cemetery
26 July 2003: Henry Toro Herrick, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army – Commander of The Lost Platoon
2 August 2003: Joshua Michael Harapko – Sergeant, U. S. Army – Lost In Black Hawk Helicopter Accident
9 August 2003: Henry Clay Wood, Brigadier General, United States Army – Medal of Honor In The Civil War
16 Augut 2003: Richard Allen Christie, Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps A Brave Marine Who Was Called Away Much Too Soon
23 August 2003: Grayford C. Payne, CWO, United States Army – Service In Three Wars – Japanese POW Survivor
30 August 2003: Andrew Franklin Clements, Major, United States Army – USMA – Killed In Tragic Accident
6 September 2003: Robert Clayton Ames, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Killed By Terrorists
13 September 2003: Wilbur L. Bill Creech, General, United States Air Force – Highly Decorated Warrior and Tactical Innovator
20 September 2003: Earl Robert Kindig, Major, United States Army – Missing In 1944 – Returned Home In 2003
27 September 2003: Virginia Mason Mason – Military Wife And Mother
11 October 2003: John Drum, Captain, US Army – Military Family – Killed In Spanish-American War
18 October 2003: Christopher Thomas Fay, Lieutenant, USN, USNA Graduate – Drowned In Pool Accident
1 November 2003: Andrew Joseph Baddick, Sergeant, US Army – Died In Iraq During A Rescue Attempt
8 November 2003: Joseph H. Milstead, Confederate State of America Army
15 November 2003: John Marshall Lee, Vice Admiral, U. S. Navy – Navy Cross In WWII – SALT Negotiator
22 November 2003: Pentagon Restrict Coverage Of Arlington National Cemetery Funerals: 14 November 2003
29 November 2003: World War II Navy Aircrew Buried At Arlington National Cemetery: November 2003
6 December 2003: Kennedy Family At Arlington National Cemetery: 22 November 2003 – 40th Anniversary of the Death Of President Kennedy
13 December 2003: Richard Rich, Captain, United States Navy – Lost Over Vietnam In 1967 – Returned Home In 2000
20 December 2003: Uday Singh, Specialist, United States Army First Native of India Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
27 December 2003: A New Combat Mission For The Old Guard – (Third United States Infantry)
3 January 2004: Joseph Fernandez, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – WWII, Normandy, Omaha Beach – An American Hero
10 January 2004: Thomas A. Walkup, Jr., Sergeant, U. S. Air Force: Killed In Afghanistan In War Against Terror
17 January 2004: Kenneth Poch, Army Veteran, Amateur Historian, Arlington National Cemetery
24 January 2004: Clinton A. Musil, Sr., Captain, United States Army – Missing In Laos In 1971 – Returned Home In 2003
31 January 2004: Michael Scott Speicher, Commander, United States Navy – MIA In The 1991 Gulf War
7 Feruary 294: Daniel Lawrence Shine, Army Air Corps —   Fathers Aren't Supposed To Die
14 February 2004: Thomas H. Moorer, Admiral, USNA Chief of Naval Operations – Chairman of the Joints of Staff
21 February 2004: Esther Kitty Bradley, Second Wife of General Omar Nelson Bradley
28 February 2004: Andrew Lee Muns, Ensign, United States Navy – Reputation Restored After Many Years
6 March 2004: James Allen, Brigadier General, USA – First Chief of the Aeronautical Division
13 March 2004: Walton Harris Walker, Lieutenant General, USA – WWII Combat Commanded – Died In Korean War Jeep Crash
20 March 2004: Rex Marcel Sherman, Corporal, USA – Killed In Vietnam  – Mom Is Gold Star Mothers President
27 March 2004: Roger G. Ling, Specialist, United States Army – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
3 April 2004: Joseph E. LeClaire, Jr., Sergeant, United States Marine Corps – Killed On Duty As A Court Officer
10 April 2004: Nathaniel Ramsey Hoskot, Colonel, United States Army – Normandy (D-Day) Landings (Airborne Officer)
17 April 2004: Wilson Dudley Coleman, Lieutenant Colonel, USA  – Killed In WWII – DSC
24 April 2004: Albro L. Lundy, Jr., Major, US Air Force – Missing Over Laos In 1970 – Returned Home In 2004
8 May 2004: Claude Bain Hill, Second Lieutenant, United States Army – Killed In Russia Following World War I
15 May 2004: Osmun Latrobe, Colonel, United States Army – Spanish-American War – World War I, Presidential Military Aide
22 May 2004: Dieter Dengler, Lieutenant, United States Navy  – Escaped Vietnam War POW
29 May 2004: Clinton Allen Musil, Sr, Captain, U. S. Army – Killed In Vietnam In 1971 – Returned Home In 2004
6 June 2004: Leonard M. Cowherd III, Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army, USMA – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
13 June 2004: Elizabeth MacKethan Magid, Women's Air Force Service Pilot – Author of “Celestial Flight”
19 June 2004: Jack Prescott Smith, Specialist, United States Army – Vietnam Veteran – ABC News Analyst
26 June 2004: Humayun S. M. Khan, Captain, U.S. Army Muslim – American Army Officer Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
3 July 2004: Todd J. Bryant, First Lieutenant, U. S. Army – USMA Graduate – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
10 July 2004: George Smith Patton, Major General, U. S. Army Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, DSC (2)
17 July 2004: A World War II Flag's Last Mission: Sergeant Robert Hopkins, WWII POW
24 July 2004: George Earl Bland, Colonel, U. S. Army – USMA, Highly Decorated Infantry Commander
31 July 2004: William Adger Moffett, Rear Admiral, USN, Medal of Honor  – Chief of Aeronautics, Killed In Crash Of USS Akron
7 August 2004: Jack J. Parlier, AERM2, United States Navy – Missing In WWI Crash In 1944 – Returned Home In 2003
14 August: John Ralph Hoover, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Highly Decorated World War II Combat Aviator
21 August 2004: John Theodore Oliver, Sr., Command Sergeant Major of the Army – Highly Decorated Veteran of Three Wars
28 August 2004: Max Beilke, Master Sergeant, US Army, Last GI From Vietnam – Killed In 9-11 Terrorist Attacks
4 September 2004: Michael Yury Tarlavsky, Captain, US Army – Special Forces – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
11 september 2004: Steven Vincent Benet, Brigadier General, US Army – Grandfather Of The Poet – Chief of Army Ordnance
18 September 2004: Victims Of The September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack On The Pentagon
25 September 2004: Mason Wilbur Gray – Major, United States Army Killed-in-Action In World War I
2 October 2004: David Elliot Pursley, Corporal, U.S. Army – Killed In Korean War – Returned Home In 2004
9 October 2004: Thomas Scott Baldwin, Major, US Army – Built The First Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft For The Army
16 October 2004: The Sturgis Family – Generations Of Service To America
23 October 2004: Arlington Fitchett, Military Daughter – Original Headstone From 1870
30 October 2004: The Rodgers Family – A Tradition of Naval Service For Many Generations
6 November 2004: Kenneth Michael Ballard, First Lieutenant, U. S. Army – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
13 November 2004: Air Force Crew Lost Over Laos In 1966 Returned Home In 2004
20 November 2004: Veteran's Day 2004 At Arlington National Cemetery
27 November 2004: Kara Spears Hultgreen, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy – First Female Fighter Pilot Fatality
11 December 2004: A Sacrifice Beyond Our Knowing: Arlington National Cemetery
18 December 2004: Christian P. Engeldrum – Police Officer, Firefighter, Soldier, Husband, Father – Killed In Iraq
25 December 2004: George Westinghouse – Inventor and Founder of the Westinghouse Electric Company
1 January 2005: American Soldiers Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
8 January 2005: American Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan – Operation Enduring Freedom
15 January 2005: For Families of War Dead, A Final Decision: Arlington National Cemetery
22 January 2005: William B. Rosson, General, United States Army – Highly Decorated Combat Veteran
29 January 2005: Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala Sha – Red Bird) – Native American Author & Military Spouse
5 February 2005: Carolyn Larkins Hardin, Army Spouse – “For They Also Serve”
12 February 2005: Robert Whitney Imbrie, Murdered American Diplomat
19 February 2005: Honoring The Historic Vote: By Mike Barnicle
26 February 2005: Zachery Ryan Wobler, Sergeant, U. S. Army – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
12 March 2005: Gilbert A. Munoz, Captain, U. S. Army – Died Of Infection After Returning From The Middle East
19 March 2005: John Theodore McNaughton, Lieutenant, U. S. Navy – Navy Secretary Designate – Killed In Aircraft Accident
26 March 2005: Heinz Ahlmeyer, Jr., Second Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps – Killed In Vietnam In 1967 – Returned Home In 2005
2 April 2005: Arthur D. Nicholson, Jr., Major, U. S. Army – Killed By Russian Border Guards In Germany In 1985
9 April 2005: Paul Ray Smith, Sergeant, United States Army – Medal of Honor For Service In Operation Iraqi Freedom
16 April 2005: Barbara C. Heald, Captain, USAF & Defense Department Civilian – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
23 April 2005: Sheldon John Burnett, Colonel, U. S. Army – Killed In Vietnam In 1971 – Returned Home In 2005
30 April 2005: Bryan Hoopengardner, Military Son, – He Left Us Way Too Soon….
7 May 2005: Robert Frederick Sink, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army – “Band of Brothers” Commander – USMA, WWII, Korea, SS, LM, AM, CIB
14 May 2005: David H. Hackworth, Colonel, US Army – Highly Decorated Soldier – Author-Columnist – A Genuine American Hero
21 May 2005: John Alexander Kress, Brigadier General, USA – USMA – Civil War, Indian Wars – Distinguished Service Cross
28 May 2005: Alexander Henry Hoff, Colonel, USA – Medical Officer – Civil War
3 June 2005: Andrew Jackson Goodpaster, General, USA – USMA, WWII, Presidential Adviser – Medal of Freedom
11 June 2005: Memorial Day At Arlington National Cemetery: 2005
18 June 2005: James L. Carter, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Killed Over Vietnam In 1966 – Returned Home In 2005
25 June 2005: Joseph Takes-The-Shield, Private, US Army – Killed In World War I – Oglala Sioux Indian
2 July 2005: Louis Hugh Wilson, Jr. – General, USMC – Medal of Honor Recipient – Marine Corps Commandant
9 July 2005: Alfred Barnes, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army – Killed In Vietnam – His Son Died Shortly After, Also In Vietnam
16 July 2005: Philip Douglas Grimm, Colonel, U. S. Army – Highly Decorated Veteran of WWII, Korea, Vietnam – A Warrior!
23 July 2005: Darel Dean Leetun, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF – Lost Over Vietnam In 1966  –  Returned Home In 2005 – AFC, PH
30 July 2005: Noel Wayne McVay, Sergeant, U. S. Army Air Forces – Lost In World War II – Read His Daughter's Moving Narrative
6 August 2005: John Tyler, Jr. – Union & Confederate Army Officer – Presidential Son
20 August 2005: Joseph Theodore Haskell, Brigadier General, U. S. Army – “Died from wounds received while gallantly leading his regiment
27 August 2005: Gregg Hartness, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Killed In Laos In 1968 – Returned Home In 2005
3 September 2005: The Sullivan Brothers Of World War II: Memoralized At Arlington National Cemetery
10 September 2005: Edmond Peter Abood, Colonel, U. S. Army – WWII, Korea, Vietnam Army Ranger & Distinguished Service Cross Recipient
17 September 2005: William Hubbs Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States
24 September 2005: Frederick William Benteen, Brigadier General, U. S. Army – Civil War – With Custer At The Little Big Horn
1 October 2005: Patrice De Janon, Professor, United States Military Academy (1846-1892)
8 October 2005: Mark Matthews, First Sergeant, U. S. Army – Oldest Buffalo Soldier – 111 Years Old
15 October 2005: American Heroes Of The Vietnam War – Returned Home And Honored At Last
22 October 2005: Andrew Pick O'Meara, General, United States Army, USMA – World War II, Korea, US Southern Command – US Army In Europe Commander
29 October 2005: Oliver Wendell Holmes – Civil War Army Officer & Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court
5 November 2005: Henry Lewis Hulbert, First Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps – Recipient of the Medal of Honor, The Navy Cross and The Distinguished Service Cross
12 November 2005: Kenneth Lee Porter, First Lieutenant, U. S. Army – World War I Aviator – Distinguished Service Cross
19 Novembr 2005: Richard Moody Suter, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Fighter Pilot – Red Flag Innovator
26 November 2005: Burton Raphael Kennedy, Army Officer & Motion Picture Director
3 December 2005: John Edward Swanson, Captain, U. S. Army Vietnam War Medal of Honor Recipient
10 December 2005: Leverett Mansfield Kelley, Captain, U. S. Army  – Medal of Honor Recipient, Civil War
17 December 2005: Colonel Winfred Crutchfield,United States Air Force – Lieutenant Colonel Ivan O'Dell,United States Air Force – Missing In Crash At Mount Ranier, Washington, 1968
24 December 2005: William Pellham Yarborough, Lieutenant General, US Army – Father of the Green Berets
31 December 2005: Jacques Michael Swaab, Captain, Army Air Service – World War I Fighter Ace
7 January 2006: Sidney Gritz, Brigadier General, US Army – Private to General – WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iran
14 January 2006: Luther A. Thrasher, Captain, US Army – Treasury Revenue Agent – Served From The Civil War Through The Indian Wars
21 January 2006: Joseph Medill Patterson. Army Officer – World War I – Founder Of The New York Daily News
28 January 2006:Robert Porter Patterson, WWI Army Officer (DSC) Secretary of War, Federal Judge
4 February 2006: Matt Louis Urban, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army – One of The Most Decorated American Soldiers In History
11 February 2006:Richard Carl Oliver, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy – A Blue Angels Pilot – Killed At A Toronto Airshow
18 February 2006: John E. Smathers, Captain, U. S. Army – Iraqi Freedom – Rescued Scout The War Dog – Left Us Way Too Soon
25 February 2006: Taryn Ashley Robinson , Second Lieutenant, U. S. Air Force – Died From Injuries Sustained In An Aircraft Accident – Left Us Way Too Soon
4 March 2006: William Christman, Private, United States Army – First Military Burial At Arlington National Cemetery
11 March 2006: John Upshur Dennis Page, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army – Medal of Honor & Navy Cross In Korea
18 March 2006: Robert Lee Scott, Jr. – Brigadier General, US Air Force – World War II Fighter Pilot ACE – “God Was My Co-Pilot”
25 March 2006: Charles Chaille-Long, Captain, U. S. Army – Explorer – American Diplomat – Turkish Army Officer
1 April 2006: James Vincent Forrestal, WWII Secretary of the Navy – First Secretary of Defense
8 April 2006: Frederick Tracy Dent, Brigadier General, U. S. Army – Civil War, Indian Wars – Brother-in-Law of U. S. Grant
15 April 2006: Casper Willard Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, Ronald Reagan Administration
22 April 2006: World War II Army Aircrew Laid To Rest In Arlington – National Cemetery – April 2006
29 April 2006: Munro Magruder, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army -The Son of a General – Killed In Action In Korea
6 May 2006: Ben Moreell, Admiral, U. S. Navy – The Father of the Seabees
13 May 2006: Claudius Miller Easley, Brigadier Genreral, U. S. Army – Killed In Action, World War II – LM, BSM, SS, PH
20 May 2006: Anthony John Tencza, Colonel, U. S. Army – Combat Veteran of World War II, Korea, Vietnam – Murdered By Viet Cong
29 May 2006: John Frederick Fritz Freund, Major General, U. S. Army – Highly Decorated Veteran of World War II And The Vietnam War
3 June 2006: Flags-In At Arlington National Cemetery: Memorial Day 2006
10 June 2006: Johnhn Spare (Spear), Private, U. S. Army – Civil War Casualty
17 June 2006: Thomas Tipton Thornbugh, Colonel, US Army – Military Family – Killed On An Air Mission In WWII
24 June 2006: James Edwin Plowman, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy – Naval Aviator – Missing Over Vietnam In 1967 – Returned Home in 2006
1 July 2006: Confederate Burials In Arlington National Cemetery: Many New Names & Photos Added
8 July 2006: Remembering Those Who Sacrificed All For Our Freedoms On This Independence DayHoliday: Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom
15 July 2006: A Moving Video & Song About Arlington National Cemetery
22 July 2006: John Rutter Brooke, Major General, US Army – Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War
29 July 2006: Duane J. Dreasky, Sergeant, U.S. Army – Died As A Result Of Wounds Received In Iraq – A Study In Courage
5 August 2006: Group Burials In Arlington National Cemetery
12 August 2006: Francis D. Milne, Flight Officer, Australian Royal Air Force – Killed In World War II
19 August 2006: Henry Rowan Lemly, Major, U. S. Army – Veteran Of The Western Indian Campaigns – The Old Army
26 August 2006: Kathryn George Frost, Major General, US Army – White House Aide, AAFES Commander – Wife Of Former Congressman Martin Frost
1 September 2006: John Harold Branic, Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps – Killed In 1944 During World War II – Returned Home In August 2006
9 September 2006: Perry M. Hoisington II, Major General, United States Air Force – First Daylight Bombings Of Japan In World War II
16 September 2006: Samuel H. McLeary, Major, United States Army – Murdered In 1924
23 September 2006: Saburo Tanamachi, Private First Class, U.S. Army – Killed In Action In World War II – Nisei (442nd Combat Team)
30 September 2006: First-Ever Missing World War I Soldier Identified & Returned Home: September 2006
7 October 2006: Jack Lamar Barker, Major, U. S. Army, DSC, DFC, PH Killed In Vietnam In 1971 – Returned Home In 2006
14 October 2006: Franklin Brooke Nihart, Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps – World War II, Korea, Navy Cross – Wrote The U. S. Military Code Of Conduct
21 October 2006: Shannon E. Estill, First Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Corps – Killed In World War II – Returned Home In 2006
28 October 2006 Wilbur L. Creech, General, U.S. Air Force – Highly Decorated Airman And Commander – World War II, Korea, Vietnam
4 November 2006: Charles Lawrence Bifolchi, Major, U. S. Air Force – Missing In Vietnam In 1968 – Returned Home In 2006
11 November 2006: James Edward Widener, Private First Class, U. S. Army – Killed In Vietnam In 1967 – Returned Home In 2006
18 November 2006: Charles J. Scharf, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Killed In Vietnam In 1965 – Returned Home In 2006
25 November 2006: Veterans Day Ceremonies At Arlington National Cemetery: 11 November 2006
2 December 2006: Bobell Purdy, Private, United States Army – Killed In Action, World War I – Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
9 December 2006: William Edward Nordeen, Captain, U. S. Navy – Assassinated By A Terrorist Group In Greece
16 December 2006: George Whelan Anderson, Jr., Admiral, U.S. Navy – Chief of Naval Operations During The Duban Missile Crisis
23 December 2006: “Bringing Doc Home” Christopher A. Anderson, U.S. Navy Corpsman – Killed In Iraq
30 December 2006: Bobby Ray Bagley, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Vietnam War Prisoner of War
6 January 2007: Ernest Karl Turner, Sergeant, U. S. Army – First Enlisted Casualty Of The Korean War To Be Buried In Arlington
13 January 2007: Robert Everton Cushman, Jr, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant – Highly Decorated Combat Commander
20 January 2007: Jack Taylor Dempsey, Colonel, U.S. Army = Killed In Vietnam Trying To Rescue His Boys – Distinguished Service Cross
27 January 2007: John Foster Dulles: United States Senator, Secretary of State – World War I Veteran
3 February 2007: Peyton Conway March, Jr. – 2nd Lieutenant, US Army – Son of Army Chief of Staff – Early Army Aviator – March AFB Named For Him
10 February 2007: Peter Mongilardi, Jr., Commander, United States Navy – Killed Over Vietnam In 1965 – Returned Home In 2007
17 February 2007: Thomas Crook Sullivan, Brigadier General, US Army – Civil War, Indian Wars – One Of Only Two Mausoleums In Arlington
24 February 2007: Ellis W. Williamson, Major General, US Army – World War II, Korea, Vietnam – He Was A Warrior!
3 March 2007: “A Rose From Holly” – Rembering Those In Section 60
10 March 2007: Colin Joseph Wolfe, PFC, US Marine Corps – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom – “Kira's Devotion To Her First Love”
17 March 2007: William Robert Anderson, Captain, US Navy (Member of Congress) – Commanded USS Nautilus On First Voyage Under The North Pole
24 March 2007: Billy Bob Walkabout, Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army – The Highest Decorated Native American From The Vietnam War
31 March 2007: Francis Ronald Cappelletti, Colonel, U.S. Air Force – Highly Decorated Combat Aviator – A Beautiful Stone
7 April 2007: Jay Zeamer, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Air Force – WWII Medal of Honor Recipient
14 April 2007: Royal Reynolds, Jr. – Brigadier General, US Army – Second Generation Military Leader – Phillipines Scouts In WWII
21 April 2007: Nathan Augustus Monroe Dudley, Brigadier General, US Army – Civil War & Indian Wars – Sometimes A Hero And Sometimes A Scoundrel
28 April 2007: Peter Mongilardi, Jr., Commander, United States Navy – Killed In Vietnam In 1965 – Returned Home In 2007
5 May 2007: Leslie Geraldine Sherman, Military Dependent – Killed In Shooting Spree At Virginia Tech
12 May 2007: Jack Joseph Valenti – Decorated WWII Aviator – Public Official – Motion Picture Executive – DFC, AM
19 May 2007: James Larry Hull, First Lieuenant, U. S. Air Force – Killed In Vietnam In 1971 – Returned Home In 2006
26 May 2007: Douglas A. Zembiec, Major, US Marine Corps – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom – “The Lion Of Fallujah”
2 June 2007: Memorial Day 2007 At Arlington National Cemetery
9 June 2007: Francis Eugene Lindsay, Sergeant, United States Army – Killed In Korea In 1950 – Returned Home In 2007
16 June 2007: John Ferral McBlain, Sr., Captain, U. S. Army – Cavalry Officer – Indian Wars – Spanish American War – Father Of An Air Force Major General
23 June 2007: Russell W. Abendschoen, Technical Sergeant, US Army Air Corps: Killed In 1944 – Returned Home In 2007
30 June 2007_ Harry Clay Egbert, Brigadier General, US Army – Veteran Of The Civil War, Spanish-American War – Killed In Action During The Philippines Insurrection
7 July 2007: Robley Dungliston Evans, Rear Admiral, USN – USNA At Age 13 – Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I – Fighting Bob Evans
14 July 2007: Arthur Medworth Ferguson, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army – Distinguished Service Cross, Medal Of Honor Recipient – An American Warrior
21 July 2007: Robert Kingwel Imrie, Corporal, US Army – Killed In Korea In 1950 – Returned Home In 2007 – Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
28 July 2007: William Hubbard Weiland, Captain, U. S. Air Force – Stayed With His Disabled Jet Which Crashed In My Town In 1954
4 August 2007: Henry Burnet Post, Second Lieutenant, US Army – Early Army Aviator – Killed In The Crash Of His Aeroplane In 1914
11 August 2007: Emerson Hamilton Liscum, Colonel, U. S. Army -Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War – Killed In The Philippines Insurrection
18 August 2007: Samuel Wirrick, Corporal, U. S. Army – Killed In Korea In 1950 – Returned Home In 2007
25 August: Louis S. Gimbel, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Air Corps – Member Of The Department Store Family – Killed In 1941Air Crash
1 September 2007: Matthew Calbraith Butler, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army – Son of Confederate General & U. S. Senator – Murdered In Texas In 1916
8 September 2007: James Garesche Ord, Major General, U.S. Army – His Family Has Provided Army Officers To The United States Since 1812
15 September 2007: James N. Sutton, Jr., Second Lieuenant, U. S. Marine Corps – Died At U.S. Naval Academy In 1907 – Was It Suicide? Was It Murder? Was It An Accicent?
22 September 2007: John Albert Broadus Dillard, Jr., Major General, U.S. Army -Killed In Vietnam War
29 September 2007: Stonewall Jackson, Major General, U.S. Army – Killed In 1943 Plane Crash – His Father Served With The Confederate General
6 October 2007: Leonard Wood, Jr., Captain, U. S. Army – Son of the General – Led An Unhappy Life
13 October 2007: Twelve American Soldiers Laid To Rest: Killed In Crash Of Their Helicopter In Iraq
20 October 2007: Thomas Buchanan McGuire, Jr., Major, U.S. Army – WWII Ace – Killed In Action – Medal of Honor
27 October 2007: Archie Miller, Lieuteant Colonel, U. S. Army – Medal of Honor In Philippine Insurrection – Killed In 1921 Plane Crash
3 November 2007: William Douglas Bush, Jr, – First Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force – Served In 82 Airborne In WWII – Killed In Action In Korea In 1950 – A Story Of Remarkable Bravery
10 November 2007: Ambrosio Salazar Grandea, Major (Chaplain), U. S. Army – Killed In Vietnam – Highly Decorated For Bravery
17 November 2007:  William Franklin Knox – A Rough Rider In The Spanish-Amercan War – Secretary of the Navy In World War II
24 November 2007: Robert K. Webster, Sergeant, U.S. Army, World War I – Secret Service Agent, Killed In Service Against Rum Runners In 1927
1 December 2007: Donn J. Robertson, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps – Highly Decorated Hero Of World War II, Korea and Vietnam
8 December 2007: Donald Morris Walker, Private, U. S. Marine Corps – Killed In Korea In 1950 – Returned Home In 2007
15 December 2007: Charles Denton Young, Colonel, U.S. Army – Third Black Graduate of West Point – First Black Colonel In The United States Army
22 December 2007: John Cowles Scofield, Chief Clerk of the War Department – 46 Years' of Service To The Government
29 December 2007: Jared Brissette, Sergeant, United States Army – Afghanistan, Iraq – Lost His Battle To Brain Cancer At The Tender Age Of 22
5 January 2008: Michael Melvin Spark, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps – Killed In Action In Vietnam – First Marine Regimental Commander To be Lost In The War – Navy Cross
12 January 2008: Robert H. Dunlap, Brigadier General, USMC, A Marine's Marine – Killed Attempting To Rescue A French Woman From A Landslide In 1931 – Two Navy Crosses
19 January 2008: William Curtis Neary, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army – Killed In Action At Santiago de Cuba In 1898 – His Wife Never Remarried And Outlived Him By 43 Years
26 January 2008: Jehu Valentine Chase, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy, 46 Years In America's Service – CINC of the United States Fleet
2 February 2008: Suzanne Marie Collins, Lance Corporal, U. S. Marines – Murdered In 1985 – Her Murdered Was Finally Put To Death In 2006
9 February 2008: Jack Lamar Barker, Major, U.S. Army – Vietnam War Hero – Killed In 1971 – Returned Home in 2006
16 February 2008: Thomas G. Lanphier, Jr., Colonel, U. S. Air Force – Highly Decorated WWII Combat Aviator
23 February 2008: Gregory H. “Pappy” Boyington, Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps – World War II Hero – Medal of Honor Recipient
1 March 2008: Charles Frederick Humphrey, Major General, U.S. Army, – The Patriarch of a Generations-long Military Family – Medal of Honor Recipient
8 March 2008: Lowell H. Smith, Colonel, U. S. Army – Pioneer Army Aviator – Dropped First Bomb From An Airplane
15 March 2008: Gabriel Rene Paul, Brigadier General, U.S. Army – USMA – Mexican War, Civil War – Lost Both Eyes in Battle of Gettysburg
22 March 2008: Jerome F. O'Malley, General, U. S. Air Force, Commander, Tactical Air Command – Killed, Along With His Wife, In An Aircraft Accident In Pennsylvania
29 March 2008: Medal of Honor Recipients Buried In Arlington National Cemetery (All Services)
5 April 2008: William Hervey Allen, Jr., 1st Lieutenant, US Army, Mexican Border, World War I – American Poet and Author – “The Lost Generation”
12 April 2008: Edward B. Scullion, Captain, U. S. Army – Killed In Korea In 1950 – Returned Home In 2008
19 April 2008: George Washington Parke Custis, Colonel, U.S. Army – Adopted Son of George Washington – The Builder of Arlington House
26 April 2008: Billie Allen Hall, Sergeant, U. S. Army – Ranger Medic – Killed In Vietnam – Tremendous Acts of Courage
3 May 2008: Cory Leonard Palmer, Corporal, U. S. Marine Corps – Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom – A Young Warrior Gone From Us Too Soon – Dedicated To His Loving Mother, Danna Palmer
10 May 2008: Michael Joseph Crescenz, Corporal, U. S. Army – Medal of Honor In The Vietnam War – Moved From Philadelphia To Arlington in May 2008
17 May 2008: Jack O. Tye, Sergeant First Class, U. S. Army – Died As POW In Korea In 1951 – Returned Home In 2008
24 May 2008: Memorial Day At Arlington National Cemetery – May 2008
31 May 2008: Ross Andrew McGinnis, Specialist, U. S. Army – “From An American Kid To An American Hero” – Receiveed Medal of Honor Posthumously At The White House on 2 June 2008
7 June 2008: Robert F. Kennedy, U. S. Senator, Attorney General of the United States – Assassinated 40 Years Ago In California
14 June 2008: Daniel F. Casey, 2nd Lieutenant, US Marines – Killed On Iwo Jima In WWII – Navy Cross – Originally Buried In Buffalo, New York – Moved To Arlington on 12 June 2008
21 June 2008: Ralph Campion Bisz, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy: Shot Down Over Vietnam In 1967 – Remains Returned Home In 2008
28 June 2008: Ernest Albert Garlington, Brigadier General, US Army – USMA – Medal of Honor, Indian Wars – Greely Arctic Expedition
5 July 2008: Quentin Lusby, Jr., First Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force, Lost In A Training Mission Off Okinawa In 1965 – Not Recovered – Memorial Stone In Arlington
12 July 2008: Alton W. Knappenberger, Private First Class, US Army – Medal of Honor Recipient – World War II
19 July 2008: Michael Ellis DeBakey, Colonel, U.S. Army, World War II – World Renowned Surgeon & Medical Inventor
26 July 2008: Sherman V. Burroughs, Captain, U. S. Army – A Love Story And A Casualty On D-Day At Normandy In World War II
2 August 2008: Bernard Adolph Schriever, General, U. S. Air Force: Architect of the Air Force Missile and Military Space Program – Was Married To Singer Joni James
9 August 2008: Leighton Wilson Hazelhurst, Jr., First Lieutenant, U. S. Army – Early Army Aviator – Killed In 1912 Aircraft Accident
16 August 2008: Kevin Joseph McManus, Lieuetnant Colonel, U.S. Air Force – Highly Decorated Combat Aviator – Vietnam War POW
23 August 2008: Melvin Hancock Silverthorn, Jr., Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps – Highly Decorated Marine – Son Of A Marine Lieutenant General
30 August 2008: Stephen Arthur Rusch, Captain, U.S. Air Force – Lost Over Laos In 1972 – Body Returned Home In 2007
6 September 2008: Remembering The Victims Of The September 11, 2001 Attack On The Pentagon – “Lest We Forget”
13 Sepember 2008: James W. Turner, Private, U. S. Army – Killed In November 1945 During World War II – Remains Returned Home In September 2008
20 September 2008: Arlington National Cemetery Gains More Burial Space
27 September 2008: Gomer D. Reese III, Captain, U. S. Air Force – Killed Over Laos In 1970 – Remains Returned Home In 2008
4 October 2008:  United States Army Air Crew: Missing On 3 December 1943 – Returned Home For Burial In Arlington In August 2008
11 October 2008: Charles Joseph Loring, Jr., Major, U.S. Air Force, Medal Of Honor, Sacrificed Himself In Korea – Body Not Recovered – Memorial Stone In Arlington
18 October 2008: Alexander R. Ninninger, Jr., First Lieutenant, U. S. Army, Killed In Action, World War II – Medal of Honor – Memorial Stone In Arlington National Cemetery
25 October 2008: Cornelius H. Charlton, Sergeant, U. S. Army – Posthumously Awarded The Medal of Honor For Heroic Service In Korea – Moved To Arlington In November 2008
1 November 2008: U. S. Army Group Burial 24 October 2008: Victims Of A Helicopter Crash In Iraq On 22 August 2007
8 November 2008: United States Air Force Crew: B-52 Crash Off Guam On 21 July 2008 – Group Burial In November 2008
15 November 2008: Veterans Day 2008 At Arlington National Cemetery
22 November 2008: Martin F. Troy, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces: Lost Over Hungary In 1944 – Recovered And Returned Home In 2008
29 November 2008: Jackson Charles Pharris, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy – Medal of Honor For His Actions At Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941
6 December 2008: Edward F. Younger, Sergeant, U.S. Army – WWI Veteran – Selected The World War I Unknown Soldier
13 December 2008: Gordon Johnston, Colonel, U.S. Army, One Of the Most Decorated Officers In History – Medal of Honor, DSC, DSM, SS (3) PH
20 December 2008: All Army Enlisted Soldiers Killed In Action To Receive Full Honors Funerals At Arlington National Cemetery
27 December 2008: William Hamden Sage, Major General, U. S. Army – Medal of Honor For Duty In The Philippine Insurrection – Died While On Active Duty
3 January 2009: Adna Romanza Chaffee, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army – From Private In 1861 To Lieutenant General & Chief of Staff In 1904
10 January 2009: Hugh Jocelyn McGrath, Major, U.S. Army – Medal Of Honor, Philippines Insurrection – Killed In Action There In 1899
17 January 2009: Burial Of Some Of Those Killed In The 1893 Collapse Of The Ford's Theater In Washington, D. C.
24 January 2009: Wilfred Mason Blunt, Colonel, U. S. Army – West Point Graduate – WWI, WWII – Great-Grandson Of Francis Scott Key
31 January 2009: James Clark Brennan, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. MC – Navy Cross In WWII – His Grandson, Julian,Was Killed In Afghanistan And Also Rests In Arlington
7 February 2009: History Of The Confederate Memorial At Arlington: By The United Daughters Of The Confederacy Puiblished In 1914
14 February 2009: George Foster Robinson, Major, U.S. Army – Saved Secretary of State Seward On The Night of 14 April 1865
21 February 2009: William E. Daniel, Master Sergeant, U. S. Army – WWII Prisoner of War – First Ever Recipient of the Tomb Guard Badge
28 February 2009: Philip Michael Shue, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Air Force – The Mysterious & Strange Case Surrounding His Death
7 March 2009: Quentin C. Aanenson, Captain, U.S. Army Air Corps: WWII Combat Aviator – A Member of The Greatest Generation
14 March 2009: Isaiah Mays, Corporal, U. S. Army: Nearly Forgotten Medal of Honor Recipient To Be Moved To Arlington In May 2009
21 March 2009: Harry Albert “Paddy” Flint, Colonel, U. S. Army – WWI, WWII: Killed In WWII, Receipient Of Two Distinguished Service Crosses and Three Silver Stars
28 March 2009: Robert G. Tills, Ensign, U. S. Navy – Naval Aviator, Killed On 8 December 1941 – Returned Home In March 2009
4 April 2009: Julian Harold Rogers, Private First Class, U. S. Army: Killed In 1944 (World War II) – Returned Home In 2009
11 April 2009: Willian Piggott Cronan, Captain, U.S. Navy – USNA – Hero In 1907: Died Young – Married To President U. S. Grant's Granddaughter (Nellie Grant)
25 April 2009:  Patrick Gerald Collins, Colonel – A Fighter, Trainer And Legend in The United States Marine Corps
2 May 2009: Patrick James Arthur, Sergeant First Class, US Army: A Hero From The Korea War Is Finally Returned Home In May 2009
9 May 2009: Nancy Jean Aiello Gehley: Military Spouse, Loving Mother, Grandmother, Sister & Friend To All Who Knew Her (And My Friend)
16 May 2009: Herbert G. Johns, First Lieutenant, United States Army Air Corps: A Sad Tale Of World War II Love, Separation and Loss
23 May 2009: Earl Clifford Hedlund, Lieutenant General, US Air Force: Highly Decorated World War II Aviator & Prisoner of War
30 May 2009: Memorial Day Services At Arlington National Cemetery: 25 May 2009
6 June 2009: Mark P. Graziano, Captain, U. S. Air Force – Air Force Academy:Iraq, Afghanistan, U2 Pilot – Killed In Training Accident In California
13 June 2009: Edward Albert Ostermann, Major General, U.S. Marine Corps – Medal of Honor In Haiti
20 June 2009: David Mudgett Jones, Major General, U.S Air Force – WWII, Doolittle Raider, POW In Germany, The Great Escape – Test Pilot – NASA Official – Highly Decorated
27 June 2009: David F. Wherley, Major General, U. S. Air Force – Ann Wharley – Retired Commander of D.C. National Guard – Both Killed In D.C. Metro Accident In June 2009
4 July 2009: Louis C. Menetery, General, U.S. Army – Highly Decorated Infantry Commander – 43 Years Of Service To America
11 July 2009: Williams Edwards Otis, Jr. – Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army – USMA 1950: WWII Veteran – Killed In Action In Korea 1950 – Purple Heart & Silver Star Medal
18 July 2009: Carl Philip Thorpe, Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army – Bureau of Indian Affairs: WWII, Korea, Vietnan – Son Of Indian Football Star Jim Thorpe
25 July 2009: Hugh Legar Evans, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces: Survived WWII Shoot-Down Over Germany – Murdered By German Civilians – PH
1 August 2009: Michael Scott Speicher, Captain, U. S. Navy: Shot Down Over Iraq In The Gulf War (1991) – Remains Recovered In July 2009
8 August 2009: William Sinkler Manning, Major, U.S. Army – Son Of S. C. Governor: Killed In WWI – Former NY Times Reporter – Distinguished Service Cross
15 Augut 2009: John Williams, Captain, USMC – Killed By Indians & Africans On Florida Border In 1812 Originally Buried In Georgia & Subsequently Moved To Arlington
22 August 2009: Abraham Lincoln II – Grandson of the President – Son of Robert Todd Lincoln: Died At Age 16 In London, England Following Surgery In Paris, France
29 August 2009: Edward Moore Kennedy: Private First Class, U.S. Army – United States Senator: Buried Near Robert F. Kennedy & John F. Kennedy On A Saturday Night
5 September 2009: Thomas H. McMullen, Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force: Highly Decorated Combat Aviator & Test Pilot – Vietnam Commander
12 September 2009: Everett Parker Pope, Major, U.S. Marine Corps: Medal of Honor Recipient – World War II – Pacific Theater of Operations
19 September 2009: George W. Dunaway, Sergeant Major, U.S. Army – Second Sergeant Major Of The U. S. Army WWII, Vietnam – Airborne Pioneer – Nuclear Testing
26 September 2009: Donald Thomas Regan, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps: Chief of Staff To President Ronald Reagan
3 October 2009: President Woodrow Wilson Accepts The Confederate Memorial At Arlington National Cemetery: 4 June 1914
10 October 2009: James B, Swindal, Colonel, U. S. Air Force – World War II: Air Force One Commander For Presidents Kennedy & Johnson
17 October 2009: Ratish Prasad, Lieutenant, U. S. Navy – Murdered Aboard The USS Hancock: First Person Of Hindu Faith Buried In A U.S. Military Cemetery
24 October 2009: Albert Gallatin Forse, Major, U.S. Army – West Point – Indian Wars: Killed In Action At San Juan Hill, Cuba , Spanish-American War
31 October 2009: James H. Patterson, Major General, U. S. Army – One Of The Most Highly Decorated Officers Of The Vietnam War – Including The Distinguished Service Cross
7 November 2009: In Honor Of Veterans Day This Week We Salute The Casualties Of Operation Iraqi Freedom And Operation Enduring Freedom:
Please Visit Their Remembrances And Say A Silent “Thank You” For Their Sacrifices For America!
Casualties Of Iraqi Freedom At Rest In Arlington National Cemetery
Casualties of Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) At Rest In Arlington National Cemetery
14 November 2009: Veterans Day Ceremonies At Arlington Cemetery: 11 November 2009
21 November 2009: On Vacation Leave – No Story of the Week For This Week
28 November 2009: Two Of The Victims Of The Terrorist Attack At Fort Hood Texas Are Laid To Rest At Arlington National Cemetery
Juanita Warman, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Libardo Eduardo Caraveo, Major, United States Army
5 December 2009: Leonard B. Keller, Sergeant, United States Army: Medal of Honor Recipient For His Bravery In The Vietnam War
12 December 2009: Robert Baldwin Purcell, Colonel, United States Air Force – Shot Down Over Vietnam, Prisoner In The Hanoi Hilton
19 December 2009: John Duncan Bulkeley, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy – Medal of Honor – Rescued General Douglas MacArthur From The Philippines In World War II
26 December 2009: Robert L. Howard, Colonel, U.S. Army – America's Most Decorated Living Officer Until His Death on 23 December 2009 – MOH, DSC, SS, BSM, AM, PH
2 January 2010: Clifton Howard Enoch, Jr, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces: Killed Over Germany In 1945 – Finally Returned Home In 2008
9 January 2010: John Rendall Braddon, Colonel, U.S Marine Corps, Aviator – Vietnam War Hero – Very Highly Decorated
16 January 2010: William Jonathan Lederer, Captain, U. S. Navy – WWII – Writer – Co-Author of “The Ugly American”
23 January 2010 John Robert Chaisson, Lieutenant General, US Marine Corps – Decorated Combat Veteran – Chief of Staff – Atomic Energy Commission
30 January 2010 Crawford F. Sams, Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Medical Officer – Distinguished Service Cross For Gallantry In Korea
6 February 2010: Lee A. Archer, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Air Force: Tuskegee Airman of WWII, The Only Black Fighter Pilot Ace Of The War
13 February 2010 Attilio Pedroli, Brigadier General, U. S. Air Force Highly Decorated Combat Aviator Of The Vietnam War
20 February 2010: Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr., General, U.S. Army – Army Chief of Staff – White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, American Patriot
27 February & 6 March 2009 :Steven Robert Koch, Corporal, 82nd Airborne, U.S. Army – Killed-in-Action In Afghanistan, 3 March 2008 – An American Hero
20 March 2010: John Knowles Herr, Major General, U.S. Army, WWI – Last Army Chief Of Calvary
27 March 2010: Charles Wilson, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, Member of Congress – Friend Of The Afghan People Vs. The U.S.S.R.
3 April 2010: Thomas Holdup Stevens, Commodore, U.S. Navy – War of 1812 – Founder of A Famous Navy Family – Reinterred In Arlington From Congressional Cemetery
10 April 2010: Mason Matthews Patrick, Major General, U.S. Army – Mexican Border, WWI, – Chief Of The Air Service In WWI And Post-WWI
17 April 2010: Edward Washburn Whitaker, Brigadier General, U.S. Army: Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient, Chief of Staff To George A. Custer
24 April 2010: Arthur MacArthur, Jr. Lieutenant General, U.S. Army – Civil War Medal of Honor: Father of Douglas MacArthur – Passed Over For Army Chief of Staff
1 May 2010: Paul Ray Smith, Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army: Medal of Honor In Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq)
8 May 2010: Mememtoes Left At Section 60 Now Being Archived By The Department Of The Army: For Casualties Of Iraq And Afghanistan
15 May 2010: Justice Marion “Jumping Joe” Chambers, Colonel, USMC: Medal of Honor For Actions On The Island Of Iwo Jima In World War II
22 May 2010: The Beatty Family: Three Generations Of Service In The United States Navy
29 May 2010: George Horace Morgan, Colonel, U.S. Army – Medal of Honor In Indian Wars: Also Served In Spanish-American War & The Philippines
5 June 2010: Memorial Day 2010 Ceremonies At Arlington National Cemetery
19 June 2010: William Gary Walsh, Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, Medal of Honor For His Actions In The Battle Of Iwo Jima In World War II
26 June 2010: George H. Humphrey, First Sergeant, USMC, Killed In 1918 During World War I: Found And Returned Home In 2010
3 July 2010: House of Representatives Committee On Armed Services: Hearings On Arlington National Cemetery(Including Video)
10 July 2010: Thomas D. Costello, Private, U.S. Army: Killed In September 1918 During World War I – Recovered And Returned Home In 2010
17 July 2010: Robert C. McAlister, Lieutenant General, U. S. Army – USMA,: Highly Decorated Veteran Of World War II, Korea And Vietnam – 40 Year Career Officer
24 July 2010: Robert Warren Langwell, Ensign, U.S. Navy: Killed Off Korea In 1950 – Located And Returned Home In 2010
7 August 2010: John D. Lavelle, General, U.S. Air Force – At Long Last His Honor Has Been Restored By The America That He Loved So Very Much And Served So Well!!
14 August 2010: Vernon Joseph Baker, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army –  Black Medal of Honor Recipient WWII – Received Medal In 1997
21 August 2010: Nelson Appleton Miles, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army – Medal of Honor, Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War – General-in-Chief of the Army
8-28-2010: David Charles Dolby, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army – Medal of Honor, Vietnam War: Also: Silver Star, Bronze Star (3), Purple Heart – Ranger, 101st Airborne
9-11-2010: Victims of the September 11, 2001 Attack On The Pentagon At Rest In Arlington Natinal Cemetery
9-18-2010: James Olin Chiles, Lieutenant (jg), U.S. Navy: Fought and Recorded A Corageous Battle Against Polio In 1949
9-25-2010: Gilbert Bruce Holmes, Captain, U.S. Air Force: Decorated Vietnam War Aviator – Killed In A Tragic House Fire In 1967
10-9-2010: Prominent Civilians At Rest In Arlington National Cemetery
10-16-2010: Henry Joseph Hank Daly,Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps – Detective, Washington, D.C Police Dept – Killed In Attack On Washington, D. C. Police Headquarters
10-23-2010: Douglass Tilford Cameron, First Lieutenant, U.S Army – Killed In World War I: His Father Was A Major General In The Same War
10-30-2010: Elizabeth Curry Marie Hanson, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Officer: Killed In Afghanistan In 2009
11-6-2010: Chester A. Davis, Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps – Awarded DSC in WWI As Army Major And Navy Cross As Marine Sergeant In Nicaragua In 1928
11-13-2010: Hanson Edward Ely, Major General, U.S. Army, USMA, – Philippines, WWI, Head Of A Long Serving Military Family
11-20-2010: Leon William Johnson, General, U.S. Air Force – USMA: Medal of Honor Receipient For World War II Exploits – 40 Years Of Service In The Military
11-27-2010: Lloyd Roosevelt Moses, Major General, U.S. Army – Sioux Indian: WWII & Korea – Distinguished Service Cross
12-4-2010: John Clarence Liverman, Lance Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps, Killed In Vietnam: Great Story About Him And His Dad By Now-Senator James Webb
12-11-2010: Gordon Marion Graham, Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force: Triple Ace In WWII – Fighter Pilot In WWII, Korea, Vietnam – Highly Decorated
12-18-2010: Claude Charles Bloch, Admiral, U.S. Navy, USNA, Philippine Insurrection, Boxer Rebellion, WWI, WWII, Navy Cross
12-25-2010: Howard W. Cannon, U.S. Senator, Major General, U.S. Air Force, Highly Decorated World War II Aviator
01-01-2011: Owen Wesley Siller, Admiral, U. S. Coast Guard: Aviator, World War II, Search & Rescue Specialist, USCG Commandant
01-08-2011: Roderic E. Ordway, Colonel, US Army – USMA – Decorated War Hero: American Army Family Since Before The Civil War
1-15-2011: Lamar Jeffers, Major, U.S Army and Member of Congress: Awarded Distinguished Service Cross For Gallantry In World War I
1-22-2011: Jay W. Hubbard, Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps: From Private To General – WWII, Korea, Vietnam – Highly Decorated Combat Aviator
2-5-2011: George Wallis Hamilton, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps – Called “Most Outstanding Marine Hero Of WWI” – Distinguished Service Cross In WWI – Killed In Aircraft Accident
2-12-2011: James Benson Irwin, Colonal, U.S. Air Force, American Astronaut, Apollo 15 Moon Walker, 7th Man To Walk On The Moon
2-19-2011: Melvin Joseph Maas, Major General, U.S. Marine Corps, Congressman, Rendered Blind In Combat In WWII, Silver Star, Served In WWI As A Private
2-26-2011: Willard Ames Holbrook, Major General, U.S. Army – USMA: Indian Wars, Spanish War, Philippines, World War I, Chief of Cavalry
3-5-2011: System Not In Service
3-12-2011: System Not In Service
3-29-2011: System Not In Service
3-26-2011: Thomas Lloyd Hayes, Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force: WWII, Normandy, Berlin Air Lift, Korea, Highly Decorated
4-2-2011: Frank Woodruff Buckles, Corporal, United States Army: The Last Surviving American Service Member From World War I
4-9-2011: Casualties of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) At Rest In Arlington National Cemetery
4-16-2011: John Avery McIlhenny, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army – Rough Riders In Spanish-American War: His Family Invented Tabasco Sauce – Long-Time Friend of Theodore Roosevelt
4-23-2011:Leslie Richard Groves, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army – USMA, Built The Pentagon: Headed The Manhattan Project Which Developed The First Atom Bombi
30 April 2011: The Unknown Soldier Of World War I Laid To Rest In Arlington National Cemetery On 11 November 1921
7 May 2011: Alexander Oswald Brodie, Colonel, U.S. Army – West Point, Indian Wars, Rough Riders In Spanish-American War, Philippines Wars, Governor of Arizona
14 May 2011: Winfield Scott Edgerly, Brigadier General, U.S. Army – West Point, Cavalry, Fought At The Little Big Horn, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, Philippines, World War I
21 May 2011: Don Forester Pratt , Brigadier General, U.S. Army, WWI, WWII, Assistant Division Commander, 101st Airborne Division, Killed In D-Day Invasion Glider Crash, Highly Decorated
28 May 2011: William John Christman III, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps, Killed In Vietnam: Purple Heart Medal and Navy Cross For Heroism
11 June 2011: John D. Yamnicky, Sr., Captain, U. S. Navy – USNA, Test Pilot, Korea, Vietnam: Killed Aboard American Airlines Jet That Crashed Into Pentaton on 9/11/2001
18 June 2011: Frank Alton Armstrong, Jr., Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force, WWII, Korea, Vietnam: Highly Decorated Including The Distinguished Service Cross And Silver Star Medal
25 June 2011: Emmet Crawford, Captain, U. S. Army – Civil War & Indian Wars – Chief Of General Crook's Indian Scouts: Murdered By The Mexican Army In 1888 While On Duty
2 July 2011: Visiting Arlington National Cemetery
9 July 2011: Nathan B. Bruckenthal, Petty Officer 3rd, U. S. Coast Guard: The Only Coast Guardsman Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) Waterborne Attack
16 July 2011: George David Ruggles, Brigadier General, U. S. Army, West Point Graduate: Brilliant Record In The Civil War, Indian Wars
23 July 2011: Julius Stahel, Major General, Civil War – Born In Hungary, Professional Soldier: Medal of Honor Recipient For Gallantry in the Civil War
30 July 2011: Christian Franklin Schilt, General, U. S. Marine Corps – Medal of Honor For Bravery In Nicaragua: Served In Air Combat In World War I And World War II
6 August 2011: George Henry Palmer, Major, U.S. Army – Medal of Honor For Gallantry In The Civil War: Served in Indian Wars – His Son And Grandson Served As Army Generals
13 August 2011: Vacation
20 August 2011: Vacation
27 August 2011: Vacation
3 September 2011: James Walker Benet , Colonel, U.S. Army – USMA, Son of a General: Father of the Poet Steven Vincent Benet and Writer Laura Benet
10 September 2011: George Andrews Howes, CWO, U.S. Army – Killed In Vietnam In 1970: Remains Located And Returned Home In 2011
26 November 2011: Charles Patrick Murray, Jr., Colonel, U. S. Army, WWII, Korea, Vietnam: Highly Decorated Including The Medal Of Honor
3 December 2011:George Henry Palmer, Major, U, S. Army – Medal of Honor In The Civil War:Both His Son and Grandson Became Generals In The U.S. Army And Are Also Buried In Arlington National Cemetery
10 Decembver 2011: Royal Reynolds, Jr., Brigadier General, U.S. Army – USMA, Highly Decorated Veteran of WWII and Korea: His Father, A Major General, Was Surgeon General of the Army

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