Prominent Civilians Buried in Arlington National Cemetery


A number of persons known for their civilian accomplishments are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
For some, it was their service in various positions of high office within the United States Government, for others it was their
prior military service, and for others it was the fact that they were related to someone who was interred (or would be interred) in Arlington.

Frederick Charles Adams, WWII Marine Officer – 38-Year Career In Education
William Hervey Allen, Jr., First Lieutenant, WWI, American Author & Poet – PH
Jerome Anthony Ambro, Jr. – Sergeant, US Army & Member of Congress
Robert C. Ames, Station Chief, Central Intelligence Agency – Killed In Beirut Bombing
David Anderson, Foreign Service Officer & American Ambassador
Harry R. Anderson, Colonel, United States Air Force & Government Official
William Robert Anderson, Captain, US Navy, Member of Congress – USNA – First Transpolar Voyage – USS Natilus – BSM
Stewart Hoffman Appleby, Captain, USMC, Coxswain, USCG, Member of Congress
Frank Hanes Ayres, Naval Officer, Son of William H. Ayres – Assistant To President Nixon
William Hanes Ayres, Private, US Army – World War II – Member of Congress

Robert Low Bacon, Colonel, US Army & Member of Congress
Floyd Caldwell Bagley, WWII & Korea Marine Officer – Virginia State Political Figure
Fay Okell Bainter Movie Actress
Sigmund Sig Bajak – Naval Reserve & NBC Executive
Frank Bane, Army Officer (WWI), Government Official, Social Security Pioneer
Percy E. Barbour, Colonel, U.S. Army, Mexican Border, WWI, World Famous Engineer – Mayflower Descendant
James Martin Barnes, Private, US  Marine Corps & Member of Congress
Jay Bartley – Son Of Foreign Service Officer – Killed In Africa Terrorist Attack
Julian Bartley, Sr – Senior Foreign Officer – Killed In Africa Terrorist Attack
Robert C. Bassett, Lawyer, Naval Officer, Presidential Advisor, Labor Negotiator
Laurie Calvin Battle, Member of Congress & US Air Force Officer
Dennis Beatty, Naval Officer & Noted American Architect
James K. D. Becker, Air Force Officer – CIA Officer
Ralph Elihu Becker, Army Officer, Foreign Service Officer & Polar Explorer
Sosthenes Behn – Founder of International Telephone & Telegraph
Hugh Reid Belknap, Army Officer (Philipines), Member of Congress
William Worth Belknap – Secretary of War, Impeached
Ludwig Bemelmans, Army In World War I – Author of Madeline Series of Books
Laurence Vincent Benet, Ensign, U. S. Navy, Son of S. V. Benet, US Army – Hotchkiss Machine Gun
Charles Edward Bennett, Army Combat Officer (WWII), Member of Congress
Constance Bennett (Coulter) – Movie Actress
Hugh Hammond Bennett, The Father of Soil Conservation – US Department of Agriculture
Jack Holmes Berryman, Decorated WWII Marine & Interior Department Official
Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Jr. – Foreign Service Officer
James Joseph Berbower, Marine Aviator In WWII, Watergate Defense Attorney – AM
Hiram Bingham, Army Officer (WWI), Explorer, United States Senator
Victor Biskup, Decorated Army Vet of WWII, IRS Intelligence Agent
Carl Whiting Bishop – USN Officer & Archeologist, Smithsonian Institution (Submited By Bryan Hagon)
Alexander Franklin Black, Naval Officer – World War II – Crossword Puzzle Guru
Gorham L. Black, Jr., Army Officer & Outstanding Public Official – WWII, Korea, SS, LM, PH
Hugo Lafayette Black, Army Officer, US Senator, Supreme Court Justice
Robert “Russell” Black, WWII Army Officer, Voice of America
Luzerne Atwell Blue, Corporal, World War I, Professional Baseball Player
John Woodrow Bonner, Colonel, World War II – Governor of Montana
Thomas Jefferson Brady, Army Officer (Civil War) Internal Revenue, Assistant Postmaster General of the US
John Russell Blandford, Marine Corps General, Chief Counsel, House Committee on Armed Srrvices
Peter M. Bocso, Army Officer & Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Official – WWII
Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Zitkala Sha – Red Bird), Military Spouse – Native American Author
Bozeman Bulger, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army, World War I – Famous New York Sports Writer
John J. Brady, Lieuenant Colonel, WWII, Battle of the Bulge – CoS of House Committee on Foreign Affairs – BSM, PH
Cyril M. Brown, Army Veteran of WWII, Advertising Executive
Jesse Brown, Corporal, United States Marine Corps – Secretary of Vetarans Affairs
Ronald Brown – Secretary of Commerce – Killed In Bosnia Air Crash
Paul R. Boucher, Senior Naval Intelligence Agent & Government Official – Killed By Model Airplane In 1982
Clement Lincoln Bouve, Army Officer & Registrar Of Copyrights
Charles Bruce Brownson, Decorated Army Colonel & Member of Congress
Joel Thomas Broyhill, Captain, U.S. Army & Member of Congress – World War II, POW – BSM, PH
Wilbur M. Brucker – Army Secretary
John H. Bruins – Foreign Service Officer
William Jennings Bryan – Colonel, US Army & Secretary of State
Louise V. Bryant – Civil War Nurse
Alfred Eliab Buck, Colonel, US Army, Member of Congress
William Francis Buckley – Murdered CIA Station Chief
Samuel Swinfin Burdett, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
J. Herbert Burke, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
John R. Burke, Army Officer & United States Ambassador
Thomas Henry Burke, Pharmacist’s Mate, US Navy & Member of Congress
Clayton Lee Teddy Burwell – WWII Aviator, Govt Official, Lawyer, Tennis Player
Cyrus Bussey – Civil War General & Government Official
Henry A.Byroade – Army General & American Diplomat

Charles Pearre Cabell, USAF General & Deputy Director of the CIA
Roger M. Calloway, Sergeant, U. S. Army, WWI – Assistant Reading Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives
John Allen Campbell, Army General, Civil War, First Governor of Wyoming
Howard W. Cannon, Major General, United States Air Force Reserve & United States Senator
Robert Bazil Carleson, Lieutenant, US Navy, Ground-Breaking Ronald Reagan Administration Official
Joseph Gaines Carley, Jr., Combat Aviator (WWII & Korea) Founded Starliners Jazz Band
Frank W. Carpenter, Hospital Steward, United States Army & Public Official
Will Herman Carroll, Naval Officer, WWII Fighter Pilot, Government Attorney
Eugene B. Casey, Government Official & Philanthropist, Farm Credit Administration
Joseph Edward Casey, Private, US Army & Member of Congress
George Earle Chamberlain, Jr. – Governor of Oregon, United States Senator
Selden Chapin, Naval Officer, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Ambassador
Oscar Littleton Chapman, US Navy In WWI – Secretary of the Interior
Roland W. Charles: Controversy Over Waiver
Jacob J. Chestnut – US Capitol Police Officer & Air Force Retiree
Marshall Clagett, World War II Naval Officer – Egyptian Scholar
Charles Chaille-Long, Civil War Officer, Egyptian Army, American Diplomat
Harold E. Clancy – Army Veteran, War Correspondent, News Publisher
Joel Bennett Clark, Colonel, US Army & United States Senator
Bertram Tracy Clayton, Army Colonel & Member of Congress – KIA In WWI
Powell Clayton, Army Officer, US Senator, US Ambassador
Daniel F. Cleary, Major, U. S. Army, World War II – Chairman, War Claims Commission Post WWII
Clark M. Clifford, Secretary of Defense & Presidential Adviser
John Robert Clifford, Corporal, U. Ar. Army, Civil War – West Virginia Civil Rights Leader
Marian G. Clow, Master Sergeant, WWII – Capitol-Hill Staffer
Robert Lewis Coffey, Jr., Col, US Air Force, Highly Decorated, Member of Congress
William Egan Colby, Director, WWII OSS (Army) Offivcer & Director, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
William Purington Cole, Jr., Army Office, Member of Congress, Public Official
Lester Patrick Condon – Naval Officer & Government Official
John J. Conley, Grievously Wounded In The Battle of the Bulge – Admin Law Judge In Michigan
John Thomas Connelly, WWII, Air Force Officer, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
David O. Cooke, Captain, United States Navy & “Mayor of the Pentagon”
John Sherman Cooper, Army Officer, US Senator, US Ambassador
James M. Copeland III, Naval Aviator & FAA Official
James Charles Corman, Captain, US Marine Corps & Member of Congress
Raymond Joseph Costanzo, Sergeant, USA – Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery
Donald Quested Coster, Colonel, U.S. Army, WWII, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – Agency For International Development (AID)
Robert Lawrence Coughlin, Marine Corps Officer & Member of Congress
Ernest Kent Coulter, WWI Army Officer, Lawyer, Founder Of Big Brothers of America
Walter C. Cousland, Decorated Army General – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
R. Adams Cowley – Medical Pioneer, Father Of The Golden Hour
Earl Cranston, Captain, Civil War – Bishop of the Methodist Church
James H. Critchfield, Army Officer, Central Intelligence Agency Official
Albert Scott Crossfield, Naval Aviator – World-Famous Test Pilot – Killed In Airplane Crash
Enoch Herbert Crowder, Army Officer and U.S. Ambassador
George Washington Parke Custis – Adopted Son of George Washington

Henry J. Daly – Marine Veteran & Murdered D.C. Police Officer
Martin Dardis, Army Veteran of the Battle of the Bulge – Watergate Investigator – SS, PH, BSM
Cushman Kellogg Davis – US Army In The Civil War, United States Senator
Dwight Filley Davis – Secretary of War & “Davis Cup”
Monnett Bain Davis, Army Officer (WWI), American Ambassador
Ilona Massey Dawson, Actress – Spouse of Major General Donald S. Dawson, USAF
Michael Ellis DeBakey, Colinel, US Army, WWII – Pioneering American Surgeon – Pesidential Medal of Freedom, Congressional Gold Medal
Lyon Sprague de Camp, Naval Officer In WWII & Noted Author
Jane Arminda Delano – Nursing Pioneer
Vincent John Dellay, Chief Warrant Office, United States Army & Member of Congress
John A. Derry, Colonel, U.S. Army, The Manhattan Project – Atomic Energy Commission – LM
Michael McPherson Deuel, Marine Officer & CIA Operative – Killed In Laos Helicopter Crash
James Patrick Sinnott Devereux, Marine Officer & Member of Congress
John Thomas Deweese, Colonel, US Army & Censured Member of Congress
Charles Schuveldt Dewey, Navy Lieutenant & Member of Congress
Dwight Dickinson III – Naval Officer & US Ambassador
James Alpheus Dickinson, First Class Cabin Boy, Civil War – Government Official
Robert M. Dinterman Jr., WWII Naval Veteran & Park Service Official
Ben F. Dixon III, Marine Lieutenant Colonel – World War II – Foreign Service Officer
Blackburn Barrett Dovener, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Thomas A. Donovan, Army Officer & Career Foreign Service Officer
Fairfax Davis Downey, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, WWI, WWII – Author & Military Historian – Silver Star
William Eugene Doyle, Colonel, United States Army & CIA Officer
Agnes Meyer Driscoll, Naval Cryptanalyst, United States Navy, National Security Agency
Elwood Thomas Driver, Air Force Officer & Vice Chairman of NTSB
Earl George Droessler, Naval Weather Service, Internationally Recognized Meteorologist
Adolph Dubs, Lieutenant Commnander, USN, WWII,  Assassinated US Ambassador
Henry Clarence Dworshak, Sergeant, USMC, Member of Congress, US Senator
William H. Duckstein, First Lieutenant, Civil War, 215th Pennsylvania Infantry – Curator of U. S. Capitol Building
John Foster Dulles – US Senator & Secretary of State
Frederick Gary Dutton – Army Officer, Battle of the Bulge, POW – Pesidential Adviser

Stephen Tyree Early, United States Army (WWI) – Presidental Press Secretatry – Deputy Secretary of Desense
John Porter East – Marine Officer & US Senator – Suicide Victim
Edward Cutler Easton, Private First Class, U.S. Army, Washington Bureau Chief of Philadelphia Inquirer
Dr. Burton I. Edelson, Naval Officer & NASA Official – Space Pioneer
John Edwards, Army General, Member of Congress & Government Official
Denton W. Elliott, Government Official & Naval Reserve Officer
Clyde Taylor Ellis, Lieutenant, US Navy & Member of Congress
Rev. Edward Lee Roy Elson – Religous Leader
Albert Heman Ely, Jr., Naval Officer (WWI) – Moral Re-Armament Organization (MRA)
Donald D. Engen, Navy Officer, Govt Official, Killed In Glider Crash
Irene Kinne Englund, Pilot, Women Air Force Service Pilots
William Henry Enochs – Civil War General and Member of Congress
Sidney Epstein, First Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps, Newspaper Executive
Kenneth J. Erdman, Colonel, United States Marine Corps & Government Official (FAA Test Pilot)
James Reese Europe, Army Officer & Jazz Pioneer – Murdered In New York City
Benjamin Crabbs Evans, Jr., Army Officer (West Point) & CIA Official
Medgar Wiley Evers – Army Vet Of WWII & Civil Rights Leader
Sir Moses Ezekiel – Confederate Veteran Sculptor

Dana Falkenberg, Child Victim Of Terror Attack On The Pentagon – Unidentified
Louis Delton Fancher, Captain, U. S. Army, Intelligence Officer, WWI – American Artist
Robert Fechner – Government Official
Clark G. Fiester, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force – Received Waiver For Arlington Burial
Harry Barclay Fisher, Army Officer & Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Official
John Merritt Fisher, Sergeant, U. S.Army, WWII, Reporter For The Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau
Floyd James Fithian, Commander, United States Navy & Member of Congress
Harry Elmer Fitzwater, Captain, United States Navy & Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
Walter Flowers, First Lieutenant, US Army & Member of Congress
Marion B. Folsom – Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare
William David Ford, United States Navy, United States Air Force, Member of Congress
James Vincent Forrestal (& Family) – First U.S. Secretary of Defense
Joseph J. Foss, Medal of Honor Marine General, Commissioner of AFL
William Chapman Foster, Army Officer & Government Official
Thomas Daniel Fox, Army Officer & DEA Official
Robert C. Fraser – US Ambassador & Special Envoy – Killed In Bosnia
James Archibald Frear – Member of Congress
Lawrence N. Freedman,Army Special Forces & CIA Operative – Killed In Somalia
Edwin Keith Fuller, Military Aviator & POW In WWII, President of The Associated Press

Arthur Joshua Gang – Army Colonel, WWII Vet, Government Official
Matthew Kevin Gannon, CIA Operative – Killed Aboard Pan Am Flight 103 Over Scotland
Ramon Lopez Garcia – Government Official, Granted Waiver
Alxie Kremkoff Gard, Spec 1st Class, U. S. Navy, Well-Known Artist – Walls of Sardi’s Restraurant In NYC
Augustus Peabody Gardner – Member of Congress
Edward Masionte Garrison, QM First Class, US Navy, WWI – Early Dog Racing Official
Hampson Boren Gary – Army Officer, Foreign Service Officer & Government Official
Leon Harry Gavin, Sergeant, US Army & Member of Congress
John M. Gibson – US Capitol Police Officer – Granted Waiver For Burial
Preston Gibson, Second Lieutenant, USMC, WWI, Son of a U.S. Senator – Produced Playwrite
Louis S. Gimbel, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Corps – Killed In Air Crash Accident In 1941 – Member of The Department Store Family
Guy Despard Goff – US Senator
Peter J. Gonzalez, Army Sergeant, WWII, FBI & CIA Investigaor
Marcus Aurelius Goodrich, Naval Officer, Author, Huband of Olivia de Havilland
Tucker Pierre Edward Power Gougelmann, Marine Officer & CIA Agent – Captured, Tortured & Murdered By Viet Cong
Harriet Gowen, American Red Cross – Killed In 1945 & Found In 1999
Frederick D. Grab, Second Lieutenant, US Army, WWI – Commerce Department – Killed In Plane Crash In Venezuela
Pierre Robert Graham, Lieutenant, US Navy & US Foreign Service Officer
Graham-Davenport Families – American Patriots
Joseph W. Grainger, USAID, Vietnam War – Captured By Viet Cong – Executed
George McInvale Grant – Member of Congress
Henry Dickinson Green, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Richard Stedman Green, Rear Admiral – US Public Health Service
Robert LaMoyne Green, Reserve Army Colonel, Helped To Develop The Zip-Code
Stanley Lloyd Greigg, SN, United States Navy – Member of Congress From Iowa
Richard Grenier, Naval Officer & Newspaper Columnist
Walter Quintin Gresham – Army Officer (Civil War) & Government Official
Anthony Jerome Griffin, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Harold Royce Gross, Sergeant, US Army (WWI), Member of Congress
Stephen Lewin Crossman, Captain, United States Navy & Administrative Law Judge
Vonno Lamar Gudger, Jr., United States Army & Member of Congress
M. Robert Guggenheim – Army Officer – U.S. Ambassador

Frank Warren Hackett, Assistant Paymaster, Assistant Secretary of the Navy
James J. Hagerty, Army Intelligence Officer, WWII, Korea – Presidential Cold War Adviser
Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr, General,US Army, Secretary of State
Robert Peter Hains. Midshipman, U. S. Navy, USNA, Chief Examiner, United States Patent Office
Edward Madison Hall, Jr., Colonel, United States Army – Federal Trade Commission Official
Dr. Harvey Hall, Commander, United States Navy & Chief Scientist, NASA Manned Space Projects
Michael P. Hammer, Foreign Service Officer, Murdered In San Salvador By Terrorists
Samuel Dashiell Hammett – Army Sergeant and Sam Spade Author
Putnam Welles Hangen – Army Lieutenant, NBC Television Correspondent
Elizabeth Curry Hanson, Central Intelligence Agency Officer, Killed By A Suicide Bomber In Afghanistan – December 2009
Oscar S. Hargett, Jr. – USN Reserve Captain & Government Official
Thomas Charles Hart, Navy Admiral & United States Senator
Rupert Vance Hartke, Lieutenant, United States Navy – United States Senator
Robert Trowbridge Hartmann, Captain, U.S. Navy, WWII – Senior Advisor To President Gerald R. Ford
Mary Lee Bird Hathaway, First Lieutenant, World War II, Army Nurse, Wife Of William D. Hathaway, US Senator
Barbara C. Heald, United States Department of Defense – Killed In Rocket Attack On U. S. Embassy In Iraq
Ferry Kimball Heath, Major, U. S. Army, War With Spain, WWI, Assistant Treasury Secretary For President Hoover
Richard McGarrah Helms, Naval Officer & Director of Central Intelligence
Bryant Hemenway, Colonel, United States Army – Assistant Secretary of Defense
Daniel Zwie Henkin, US Coast Guard, WWII Amphibious Landings – Pentagon Spokesman During Vietnam War
Thomas Carey Hennings, Jr., Naval Officer, Member of Congress, US Senator
Matthew A. Henson – Explorer & Black Assistant To Admiral Peary
Frank M. Hepler, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Aviator – WWII, Korea, Vietnam – Marshal, U. S. Supreme Court
Frances DeRussey Herr – Daughter Of Army General, Granted Waiver
Charles G. Herrick, Air Force Officer, CIA Pilot (Air America) Returned Home In 2003
Herbert Edmond Hetu, Naval Officer and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Official
Edward V. Hickey, Jr – Army Corporal, Asst to President of United States
Marguerite Hall Higgins – Wife of USA General And Jounalist
John Boynton Philip Clayton Hill, Lt. Colonel, US Army & Member of Congress
Jeffrey Paul Hillelson, Major, World War II – Member of Congress From Missouri
George Frederic Hinton, Captain, U.S. Army, WWI Infantry Officer – Renowned Theatrical Manager
Richard Pearson Hobson, Rear Adm, US Navy, Medal of Honor, Member of Congress
Wickham Hoffman, Army Officer, Civil War, American Diplomat, Author
Douglas Robert Hokenson, Army Ranger, Agent, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Elmer Joseph Holland, Army Officer (WWI & WWII) – Member of Congress
Julius Cecil Holmes, Brigadier General, United States Army – American Diplomat
Sherman M. Honeycutt, US Marine Corps – Intelligence Officer, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Henry Stewart Hooker, Major, United States Army, WWI – Law Partner of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Juliet Ann Opie Hopkins – Florence Nightingale Of South In The Civil War
Frank Barrett Horton III, Air Force Officer & Assistant Secretary of Defense
Frank Jefferson Horton, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army & Member of Congress
Craig Hosmer, Navy Rear Admiral & Member of Congress
Robert Nathaniel Hough, Army Lt. Colonel, Washington Police Inspector
George Evan Howell, Member of Congress – Reserve Army Officer
Vinnie Ream Hoxie – Military Wife & Noted Sculptor
Glenda Huber, Military Spouse & Vaudeville Actress
Bertram Dyer Hulen, Corporal, U.S. Army, WWI, Reporter For NY Times – Killed In 1949 Plane Crash In India
John Albert Tiffin Hull, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Andrew Tyler Huntington, Private, U. S. Army Civil War, & Government Official In Treasury Department
Emil Edward Hurja, Captain, World War II – FDR’s Private Pollster
William K. Hutchinson, U. S. Army, World War I, News Reporter and Executive
John Hutson – Government and United Nations Official
Abraham Hyatt, NASA Official & Marine Corps Colonel

Frank Neville Ikard, Private, US Army (POW), Member of Congress
Robert Imbrie, Army Officer & Murdered American Diplomat
Robert Green Ingersoll, Army Officer (Civil War), Orator, Agnostic, Political Leader
Edouard Victor Michel Izaz, USN Officer, Medal of Honor, Member of Congress

John Jachym, Captain, USMC – WWII, Silver Star Medal- Businessman & Philanthropist
Donald Lester Jackson, Major, US Marine Corps & Member of Congress
William Henry Jackson, Private, One Of The Last Civil War Survivors – American Painter & Photographer
William Francis James, Spanish-American War Veteran & Member of Congress
Peterson “Pete” Bryant Jarman, Army Officer, Member of Congress, US Ambassador
Lamar Jeffers, Major, US Army (DSC) & Member of Congress
Lew Jenkins, Sergeant, United States Army (AKA Verlin E. Jenkins) Professional Boxer
Hugh Samuel Johnson, Army Officer – Assistant To President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Royal Cleaves Johnson – Member of Congress & Decorated Army Officer
Sanders Walker Johnston – Civil War Officer & Judge
Edward Jones, First Chief Clerk, United States Treasury Department – Died In 1829 – INFORMATION NEEDED

Prabhi Guptara Kavaler – Foreign Service Officer – Killed In Africa Terrorist Attack
Bernard William Kearney, Army Major General & Member of Congress
Kenneth Barnard Keating – US Senator & Foreign Service Officer
John B. Keeley, USMA – Army Officer & Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Official
Augustine Bernard Kelley, Member of Congress, Pennsylvania
William Pitt Kellogg – Army Officer, US Senator, Judge
Edward J. Kelly, USAF Officer & Aviator – Longest Serving DoD Employee Ever
William M. Kenna, Captain, U.S. Army, Medical Corps, WWI, Specialized In Phychiatry At St. Elizabeth’s In Washington
Burt Kennedy, Decorated Army Officer, Famed Hollywood Movie Writer & Director
Edward Moore Kennedy, Private First Class, U.S. Army – United States Senator – Brother of John F. & Robert F. Kennedy – Medal of Freedom
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis – First Lady of the United States
John Fitzgerald Kennedy – President of the United States
Richard Thomas Kennedy – Army Colonel & US Ambassador
Robert Francis Kennedy – Atty Gen – US Senator – Presidential Candidate
Otto Kerner – Army Officer – Governor of Illinois
Paul Joseph Kilday, Sergeant, US Air Force, Member of Congress, Military Judge
Malcolm MacGregor Kilduff, Jr., SN, US Navy WWII – Assistant Press Secterary to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson – Announced JFK’s Death In Dallas
Harley Martin Kilgore – Army Officer & United States Senator
Marjorie Nicholls Killgore, Military-Diplomatic Spouse – Wife of Ambassador Andrew I. Killgore
Michael Kilian, Army Veteran – Newspaper Repoter-Columnist – Co-Author Of Dick Tracy Comic Strip
Dan Able Kimball, First Lieutenant, United States Army Air Service (WWI) – Secretary of the Navy
Ivory G. Kimball – Civil War Soldier – Judge – Grand Army of the Republic
John Floyd King, Confederate Army Colonel, Member Congress
Rowland Falconer Kirks, Major General, United States Army – Public Official – INFORMATION NEEDED
Thomas Savig Kleppe, Warrant Officer, US Army – Member of Congress, Government Official – World War II
H. Stuart Knight, Second Lieutenant, United States Army & Director, United States Secret Service – WWII, SS, PH, BSM
William Franklin Frank Knox – News Publisher, Army Officer – Navy Secy
Edward E. Kobernusz, Colonel, WWII, FBI Official – Administrative Law Judge
Andrew Kostecka, First Lieutenant, US Army, WWII – General MacArthur’s Staff – All-Star Basketball Player – CIA Employee
George Kolt, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force – Central Intelligence Officer – LM, BSM
Robert W. Komer, Army Officer, CIA Operative, US Ambassador, Assistant Secretary of Defense
Franklin Frederick Korell, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Metro Kowalchick, SFC, US Army, Combat Vet of WWII, D-Day Landings, Deputy Superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery
Frank Kowlski – Decorated Army Officer & Member of Congress
Max W. Kraus – Army Officer & USIA Official
Julius Albert Krug, Secretary of the Interior In The Truman Administration
Joseph J. Kruzel – Captain, USAF, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense – Killed In Bosnia

Francis X. Lambert, Decorated Army Vet of WWII & Foreign Service Officer
Donald Edward Lane – Naval Officer and Federal Judge
Gilbert Ignatius Laskowski, Tech 4, United States Army, WWII – Foreign Service Officer
Victory Lasky – Army Officer In WWII, Author, Newspaper Columnist
John Leonard Lavan, Commander, World War I, World War II – Professional Baseball Player
Thomas Comerford Lawler, Army Officer (WWII) – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Author
James S. Lay, Jr., Colonel – National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency
John Charles Leary, WWII Fighter Pilot (DFC), Foreign Service Officer
William Jonathan Lederer, Captain, USNA – WWII – Writer – Co-Author of “The Ugly American”
Pierre Charles L’Enfant – Army Officer & Designer of Washington, D.C.
Arthur J. Levenson, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army, WWII Code Breaker – National Security Agency Official
Evelyn Norton Lincoln, Secretary To President John F. Kennedy
Robert Todd Lincoln – Secretary of War & Son Of President
Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, Jr. – Army Officer & Writer (Cordwainer Smith)
Peter Ivan Lisagor – Army Sergeant And Journalist
John Davis Lodge – Captain, USN – Congressman, Governor & Diplomat
John Tipton Lonsdale, WWI & WWII Army Officer – Respected Geologist
Walter E. Lotz, Jr., Assistant Treasury Secretary & Highly Decorated Army Officer
Joe Louis (Barrow) – Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Allard K. Lowenstein – Member of Congress – Assassinated
John Roy Lynch – Slave, Member of Congress, Laywer, Army Officer
John Lynker, Captain, United States Coast Guard & Radio Broadcaster

Melvin Joseph Maas – Member of Congress, Marine Corps General
Daniel W. MacCormack, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Commissioner of Immigration & Naturalization
Clinton Dugald MacDougall – Army Officer, Congressman, Govt Official
John Edward MacGamwell, Sergeant, US Army – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Officer
Peter Francis Mack, Jr., Commander, US Navy & Member of Congress
Ray John Madden, Lieutenant, US Navy & Member of Congress
Levi Maish, Colonel, US Army & Member of Congress
Victor Lee Malick, Central Intelligence Agency, Career Intelligence Officer
George Wilson Malone, Army Officer & United States Senator
Hart Mankin – Judge, US Court of Veterans Appeals
Maureen Hayes Mansfield, Wife of Senator Mike Mansfield – Educator
Michael Joseph Mansfield, U.S. Senator, U.S. Ambassador – US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army
Howard Thomas Markey, Major General, WWII, Korea, DSM, LM, DFC – Federal Circuit Judge
Allan Whitlock Markham, Naval Aviator – Public & Private Attorney – FAA Official
Patrick Minor Martin, Radioman, US Coast Guard & Member of Congress
Lee Marvin – Marine Corps Private & Movie Actor
Joseph Olye Matthews, Marine Corps Officer & Central Intelligence Agency Officer
Karl F. Mautner, Army Officer (WWII), Foreign Service Officer
William Gibbs McAdoo – US Senator – Secretary of Treasury
George Brinton McClellan – Son of General, Congressman
Francis Xavier McCloskey, Sergeant, USAF, Member of Congress – Champion of Bosnia
William Moore McCulloch, Major, US Army & Member of Congress
Anita Newcomb McGee – First Chief of Army Nurses
James B. McGovern, Jr., Captain, WWII Air Ace – CIA Pilot Killed In Laos Earthquake McGoon
James Patrick McGranery – Army Officer, Congressman, Attorney General
George Colin McKee, Army Brigadier General, Civil War – Member of Congress
James Douglas Mike McKevitt – Air Force Officer & Member of Congress
Joseph Chambers McKibbin – Army Officer & Member of Congress
James H. McLeary, Major, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, Planned His Onn Funeral
John L. McLucas, WWII Vanval Officer, Scientist, Secretary of the Air Force, Administrator of the FAA
J.T. McNaughton – Secretary of the Navy Designee
Wilfred James McNeil – Navy Rear Admiral & Defense Department Official
Paul Vories McNutt – Army Officer, Government Official & U.S. Ambassador
Stephen J. Meade, Army Officer, OSS Operative In WWII, CIA Officer – BSM
Edwin Lloyd Meeds, SPI3, United States Navy – Member of Congress
John C. Metzler – Sergeant, US Army – Supt, Arlington National Cemetery
Cord Meyer, Jr., Decorated Marine Officer & Celebrated Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Official
Carl Michel, Rear Admiral, United States Public Health Service – Assistant Surgeon General – WWII
Ray E. Millard – Navy Reserve Captain & CIA Officer
Alton Glenn Miller, Major, US Army – Band Leader, Recording Artist – MIA In WWII
Craig Miller, Sergeant, US Army – Secret Service Officer – Killed On 9-11-01, World Trade Center
Jack Richard Miller, Air Force Officer, United States Senator & Federal Judge
John Franklin Miller, Major General, US Army & United States Senator
William Edward Miller – Army Officer, Congressman & Vice Presidential Candidate
Parren James Mitchell, United States Army & Member of Congress
Charles Edward Merriam, Captain, United States Army (World War I) & Political Scientist
John Newton Mitchell – Attorney General of the U.S.
George Curtis Moore, Foreign Service Officer – Assassinated In Khartoum In 1973
L. E. Earl Moranda, Army Officer & CIA Official
Bert DeWayne Morris, Jr., Decorated WWII Naval Aviator – Movie Actor
Frank Bradford Morse, Corporal, US Army – Member of Congress, UN Official
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Naval Officer, United States Senator, U.S. Ambassador
Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, Decorated Army Officer & Member of Congress
Edmund Sixtus Muskie – US Senator, Secretary of State
Martha Muskie, Daughter of Senator Edmund S. Muskie
Michael Angelo Musmanno – Judge & Navy Reserve Admiral

Raymond T. Nagle, Private, U. S. Army – Commissioner, U. S. Court of Claims
Leonard Hastings “Steamer” Nason – Army Officer & Author
Milrae Nelson Wirsig – Army Widow – Granted Waiver
Alvard Bayard (A.B.) Nettleton – Army Officer & Treasury Secretary
Robert Jenkins Nevin, Civil War Army Officer & Post War Religious Leader
Dr. Emmett E. Newcomer & Eva Blanche Uhl Newcomer – Submitted By Richard Dils
James Bryan Newman IV, Captain, USMA – Physician & Clinical Neuropsychologist
Kenneth David Nichols, Army Officer & Atomic Energy Commission Chairman
Cleo A. Noel, Jr., Murdered United States Ambassador
John Edward Novinsky, Private First Class, Korea – DoD Dependent Schools Instructor

William O’Dwyer – Army Officer & Mayor of New York City
James Grant O’Hara, Sergeant, US Army & Member of Congress
John Callan O’Laughlin, Colonel – WWI, Publisher of the Army & Navy Journal – Presidential Confident
Robert Cade Oliver – Labor Leader, Army Veteran, Government Official
Alan K. Olsen – US Air Force Official – Granted Waiver
Edwin Sylvanus Osborne, Major General, US Army (Civil War), Member of Congress, Brother of Thomas O. Osborne
Gilbert Davis Overton, Born in 1812 And Died In 1849 – MYSTERY – INFORMATION NEEDED

Halbart Eleazer Paine, Major General, US Army & Member of Congress
Lutrelle Fleming Parker, Sr., Captain, United States Navy & Public Official
William Henry Parker, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
James Parks – Arlington Slave – Cemetery Worker
Thomas A. Parrott, Colonel, WWII – Legion of Merit – Central Intelligence Agency Official
Joseph Medill Patterson – Army Officer & Founder of NY Daily News
Richard C. Patterson, Jr. – Army Officer, US Ambassador, NYC Prison Official
Robert Porter Patterson – Army Officer & Secretary of War
Lemuel A. Penn, Educator & Army Officer – Murdered By The Klan In Georgia
John Emil Peurifoy, US Ambassador – Killed In Auto Accident In Thailand
Homer Root Phelps, Army Officer & Long Time Foreign Service Officer
David Atlee Phillips – Army Sgt – Central Intelligence Agency Operative
Lowell Pirkle, CIA Officer – Killed In Vietnam – Found 31 Years Later
Kenneth Poch, United States Army – Amateur Jewish Historian – Arlington National Cemetery
Spottswood Poles WWI Veteran & Negro League Baseball Star
Richard Armstrong Poole, Lieuenant (jg), United States Navy – Foreign Service Officer
James Pope, First Lieutenant, United States Army & Government Official
Charles Johnson Post, Army Private, Spanish-American War – American Author And Artist
Gretchen Poston – Former White House Social Secretary
Charles Edward Potter – Army Officer, Member of Congress, US Senator
Herbert Butler Powell – U.S. Ambassador & Army General
John Wesley Powell – Army Officer and Explorer of the Western U.S.
Lucien Whiting Powell, Private, Confederate States Army – World Renowned Artist
Francis Gary Powers – U-2 Spy-Plane Pilot
Henry Brooks Price, Major, U. A. Army, World War I – Award-Winning Architect
Valentine B. Pringle, Specialist 3, Vietnam War – Noted American Actor, Writer, Singer
Lamar McFadden Mac Prosser – Army Officer, WWII Veteran, Government Official
Alfred C. Proulx, Naval Officer & First Clerk of the U.S. Court of Military Appeals
Vivian E. Psachos, Senior Research Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency – Helped Capture A Spy
William Barrow Pugh, Major (Chaplain), U. S. Army, WWI, WWII, Leader of Presbyterian Church, Killed In 1950 Auto Accident

Donald Aubrey Quarles – Ar,my Officer (WWI), Secretary of the Air Force Secretary of Defense
Elwood Richard Quesada, Air Force General, First FAA Administrator
George Thomas Quinn, US Army, FBI Agent

Mary Randolph – Original Resident of Arlington House
Arnold L. Raphel – Assassinated U.S. Ambassdor to Pakistan
Green Berry Raum, Army Officer, Member of Congress & Government Official
John Aaron Rawlins – Confidant of U.S. Grant, Army Officer, Secy of War
Kathryn Ann Kay Rayburn, Navy Spouse & Relative of President James Buchanan
Prince Leon Bogun Mazeppa Razumowski – Marine & Russian Prince
George Bronson Rea, Captain, WWI Intelligence Officer, Adviser to Government of Manchukuo
David Aiken Reed, Major, US Army & United States Senator
Robert I. Rees, Brigadier General, US Army, SAW, Philippines, WWI – Vice President of AT&T
Donald Thomas Regan, Marine Officer (WWII) – Chief of Staff To President Ronald Reagan
Natalie Cornell Rehnquist – Wife of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
William H. Rehnquist, Sergeant. United States Army Air Corps – Chief Justice of the United States
Henry Reuterdahl, Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy, Noted American Painter – Died In Mental Hospital In Washington
Frank Reynolds – World War II Veteran & ABC-TV Anchor Person
David H. Rhodes, Superintendent, U. S. Burial & Disinternment Corps, SAW, WWI
Americus Vespicius Rice, Brigadier General, US Army/Member of Congress
Lorimer Rich – Designer of the Tomb of the Unknowns
Merlon F. Richards – Decorated WWII Veteran & Business Executive
Richard James Richardson, Decorated WWII Veteran & CIA Official
William Frederick Riedell, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, WWII – Engineer, U.S. Bureau of Standards
Mary Roberts Rinehart – Army Wife, Aclaimed Writer, Playwrite & War Correspondent
William Robert Rivkin, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army & Foreign Service Officer
John G. Roberts, Army Officer (WWII), Central Intelligence Agency Officer
Kenneth Allison Roberts, Lieutenant, US Navy & Member of Congress
Kenneth L. Roberts, Army Officer & Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Author
William Pierce Rogers, Naval Officer, Attorney General of the US, Secretary of State
Henry Latrobe Roosevelt, Marine Officer & Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Max Rosenberg, Captain, US Army Air Corps (WWII) & Federal Judge
William Starke Rosecrans, Major General, US Army, Member of Congress, US Minister
Richard Lowell Roudebush, Sergeant, US Army, Member of Congress
Lovell Harrison Rousseau, Major General, US Army & Member of Congress
Marvin T. Runyon, World War II Army Officer – Postmaster General of the United States
Louis Ruppel, Marine Officer, Government Official, News Editor – INFORMATION NEEDED
J. T. Rutherford, Major, U. S. Marine Corps, World War II, Purple Heart – Member of Congress
Joseph Michael Francis Ryan, USAF General & Washington, D.C. Judge
William Everest Ryan, USMC Colonel, Government Official

Albert Bruce Sabin – Medical Pioneer & Army Officer
Pierre Emil George Salinger, US Navy (WWII), Press Secretary to President John F. Kennedy
Joseph Talmadge Sampson, RM 2, United States Navy – Central Intelligence Agency
George A. Sanderson, Ensign, United States Navy – USNA, Secretary of the United States Senate
John A. Scali – News Correspondent & U.N. Ambassador (Given A Waiver)
Harold Glendon Scheie, Brigadier General, U. S. Army – WWII Physician – World-Famous Eye Surgeon
John George Schmitz, Colonel, US Marine Corps & Conservative Member of Congress, Presidential Candidate
Francis Kenneth Schwarz, Army Officer (WWII) – DFC – 30-Year Weather Bureau Career
John C. Scofield, Chief Clerk, U.S. War Department- 46 Years’ Of Continuous Service
Hugh Doggett Scott, Jr.  – Navy Officer & United States Senator
Irene Feagin Scott – Senior Federal Tax Judge
Jay Raymond Sculley, Captain, USAF, VMI – Assistant Secretary of the Army
Jay W. Seale, Army Ranger & DEA Special Agent, Killed In Air Crash (Waiver)
Howard Sengbusch, Army Officer, Public Health Service Officer – Medical Researcher
William Shadrack Shallenberger, Captain, US Army, Civil War – Member of Congress
Frederick Dent Sharp III, Army Air Corps Officer In WWII, Career Foreign Service Officer
William Shea, Second Lieuetnant, U. S.Army World War I – Noted Admiralty Lawyer
Edward Clayton Sherman, Naval Office & Panama Canal Engineer
George Augustus Sheridan, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Kenneth E. M. Shiflet, Army Officer & Author
Daniel Edgar Sickles, Army General, Medal of Honor, Member of Congress
Charles F. Simon, Administrative Law Judge, Reserve Naval Officer
Albert Merriman Smith – News Correspondent – Covered John F. Kennedy Assassination In 1963 – Son Killed In Vietnam War
Green Clay Smith – Army General, Congressman, Governor, Minister
Harold Dewey Smith, Seaman, US Navy & Government Official – Bureau of the Budget & The World Bank
Helen McCain Smith, White House Aide In The Nixon Years, Military Spouse
Jack Prescott Smith, Specialist 5, United States Army – Vietnam War – Television Correspondent
John Kenneth Smith, Decorated Army Officer – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Official – BSM, PH
Martin Fernard Smith, Private, US Army & Member of Congress
Thomas Vernor Smith, Colonel, US Army (WWI & WWII) & Member of Congress
Pamela Gregg Smith, Military Spouse & Virginia Business Woman
Walter Bedell Smith – Army General, U.S. Ambassador, Director of the CIA
Francis Edward Somers, Naval Officer & Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Officer
Larry D. Sonderquist, Army Officer, Law Professor, Author – Died From Automobile Accident Injuries
Charles Lewis Sours, Naval Officer (WWII) US Geological Survey, US Department of Interior
Johnny Micheal Spann, Marine Corps Officer & CIA Agent – Murdered In Afghanistan (Waiver)
Oliver Lyman Spaulding – Army General, Govt Official, Congressman
Ellis Spear – Civil War Veteran – Government Official
Gladys Blossom Noon Spellman, Member of Congress & Navy Wife
George Eliphaz Spencer, Army Officer & United States Senator
Athelstan F. Spilhaus – Army Officer, WWII Weather Expert, Scientist
Frank Julian Sprague, Naval Officer, USNA – American Inventor – Worked With Thomas Edison
Irvine H. Sprague, Army Officer & Government Official (FDIC) – PH, DSM
Elvis J. Stahr, Jr. – Secretary of the Army – Kennedy Administration
Lynn Upshaw Stambaugh, Army Officer (WWI) – First President of the U.S. Export-Import Bank
Edmund William Starling, Sergeant, Spanish-American War – Chief of the Secret Service White House Detail
Edith Blair Staton – A Navy Spouse And The Last Blair Born At Blair House
Lawrence Adolph Steinhard – Foreign Service Officer
Frederick Steiwer, First Lieutenant, US Army & US Senator
Theodore Fulton Ted Stevens, Army Air Corps, WWII, DFC, AM – Longest Serving Republican U.S. Senator In History – Killed In Aircraft Accident
Alan Nathaniel Steyne, Second Lieutenant, United States Army & Foreign Service Officer – A 1946 Suicide Victim
Strother Madison Stockslager, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Thomas Lunsford Stokes, Private, U. S. Army, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Political Columnist
Samuel Studdiford Stratton, Captain, US Navy & Member of Congress
John Lawrence Sullivan – Secretary of the Navy
George Thomas Summerlin, Army Officer (USMA) – Foreign Service Officer, State Department
Jacob Hale Sypher, Colonel, US Army (Civil War) & Member of Congress

Helen Herron Taft, Wife of President William Howard Taft
William Howard Taft – President of US & Chief Justice of Supreme Court
Henry Oscar Talle, Seaman (World War I) & Member of Congress
James Tanner – Civil War Soldier, Government Official, GAR Official
Frank A. Taylor, Major, US Army, WWII – Founding Director of The Smithsonian Museum of American History – Died At Age 104
Olin Earl Teague, Colonel, US Army & Member of Congress
Rudolph Garbiel Tenerowicz, Captain, Army Medical Corps & Member of Congress
Luther Leonidas Terry, Surgeon General of the United States – Anti-Smoking Leader
James Daniel Theberge – Marine Corps Officer & U.S. Ambassador
David Ranier Them, News Editor -Buried With Parents: Colonel & Mrs. Eugene Them, USA
John Robert Thomas, Army Officer, Member of Congress, Judge
Frank Thompson, Jr. – Commander, US Navy (WWII) & Member of Congress
William Kenneth Thompson, Commander, USN, SNA – WWII, US Dept of Education- – Killed In1946 Chicago Hotel Fire
Edwin Keith Thomson, Army Officer, Member of Congress, US Senator
Luther A. Thrasher, Captain, US Army & Famed Revenue Officer
Alexander Buel Trowbridge, Jr., Marine Officer, Korean War – U. S. Secretary of Commerce
John F. Torley – Naval Officer & Industrialist
Holcombe Tucker Tuggle, Jr., Ensign, United States Navy – WWII – Central Intelligence Agency
Tristram Tupper, Brigadier General, Writer & Screenwriter, WWII – Brother-In-Law Of General George C. Marshall
Thomas K. Turnage, Army Officer, Administrator of The Veterans’ Administration
Eli Karin Gilbert Turner, Wife of Former CIA Director & Admiral Stansfield Turner
John Tyler, Jr., U. S. Army, Confederate Army – Presidential Son

Jerrold Berthold Ullman – USN Lieutenant Commander, US Court of Military Appeals
Ralph Eugene Updike, Captain, US Marine Corps & Member of Congress
Kate Williams Upshur – Cousin of Mary Custis Lee (Wife of Robert E. Lee)
Edward H. Utley, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps, Korea, Vietnam, LM  & President of GEICO Insurance Company

Jack Joseph Valenti, First Lieutenant, WWII Pilot, DFC, AMl, Presidential Aide to Lyndon B. Johnson, Motion Picture Association of America
Cyrus R. Vance, Lieutenant, United States Navy & Public Official
James Edward Van Zandt, Rear Admiral, US Navy & Member of Congress
Marie Teresa Rios Versace, Military Spouse & Author of The Flying Nun
Joseph Phillip Vigorito, Member of Congress, House of Representatives
Joseph Phillip Vigorito, Member of Congress, World War II Veteran, Purple Heart Medal
Joe B. Vogel, Second Lieutenant, WWII Combat Aviator – POW – US Information Agency

George Remey Wadleigh, Naval Officer & Foreign Service Officer – INFORMATION NEEDED
Harry Wald, Decorated Army Officer & President of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
John Denley Walker, Naval Officer, CIA Officer, Navy Cross, DFC, AM, PH
Jacob Walkin, Army Officer (WWII) – Foreign Service Officer
Lowell Dean Wallace, Naval Officer – Mayor Of Vienna, Virginia
George S. Walochik, Major, US Army & Analyst, Central Ingelligence Agency
Loren Thomas Walsh: Air Force Colonel & CIA Agent
Francis Eugene Walter – US Navy – Member of Congress
Vernon A. Walters, Army Officer, US Ambassador, CIA Official, Presidential Advisor
Robert O. Waring, Foreign Service Officer – Assassinated In Lebanon In 1976
Robert J. Watt, Private, Canadian Army – American Labor Leader
James Dorman Weaver, Colonel, United States Air Force – Member of Congress
James Edwin Webb, Marine Officer, Under Secretary of State, NASA Administrator
Robert K. Webster, Sergeant, US Army, WWI – Secret Service Agent – Killed In Line Of Duty In 1927
John Wingate Weeks – Naval Officer, Government Official, U.S. Senator
Casper Willard Weinberger, World War II Army Officer – Secretary of Defense In The Reagan Administration
Richard Welch, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Station Chief, Assassinated In Greece In 1975
Herman Welker – Army Air Corps, United States Senator
Ovington Eugene Weller, Ensign, US Navy & United States Senator
Joseph Rodman West, Army Officer, US Senator
George Westinghouse – Civil War Veteran & Inventor
Alfred John Westland, Commander, US Navy & Member of Congress
Joseph Wheeler – U.S. & C.S.A. General, Member of Congress
Frank White, Colonel, Spanish War, Philippines, WWII, Governor of North Dakota, US Treasurer
Richard Crawford White – Member of Congress, Wounded Marine Veteran
Nancy Dickerson Whitehead – Pioneering News Woman & Military Wife
Eliphalet Whittlesey, Brigadier General, U.S. Army, Civil War – Board of Indian Commissioners
Charles Edward Wiggins, Army Officer, Member of Congress, Federal Judge
Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth, Captain, US Army & Member of Congress
Harvey Washington Wiley, Civil War Veteran & Author of the Pure Food Laws
Charles Ray Willeford, Decorated WWII Veteran & Award-Winning Author
Eleazer Andrews Williams, Decorated Army Officer & Central Intelligence Officer
Stanely Willis – British War Correspondent For The London Daily Herald
Charles Wilson, Lieutenant, United States Navy, Member of Congress, USNA – Afghanistan Advocate
Ernest Judson Wilson, Corporal, WWI – Negro League Baseball – Elected to Baseball Hall Of Fame In 2006
Glen Parten Wilson, Jr., AETM2, United States Navy – Aide To Lyndon B. Johnson – NASA Official
Rufus H. Wilson, Marine Corps, Corporal, WWII, Purple Heart – Deputy Administrator, Veterans Adminitration
Frank Gardiner Wisner, WWII Naval Officer – OSS – Central Intelligence Agency
John Sheshol Witcher, Brevet Brigadier General, Civil War – Pension Agent – Member of Congress
Jesse Paine Wolcott, Second Lieutenant, US Army & Member of Congress
Freddie Russel Woodruff, Specialist 5, United States Army & CIA Officer, Murdered In Soviet Georgia
Arthur D. Woods, Army Officer & New York City Police Commissioner
Hubert Work, Army Officer WWI, Postmaster General, Secretary of the Interior

Sarah Yakovac, Military Daughter, Died Way Too Soon Of Leukemia
Samuel S. Yoder, First Lieutenant, US Army & Member of Congress
Luther W. Youngdahl – Army Officer & Federal Judge

Oleg Z. Zaleski, Army Officer & Senior Inspector, United States Customs Service
Almerico P. Zappone, Sergeant, Chief Disbursing Officer, U. S. Department of Agriculture

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